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Here You will get the most popular Romantic Whatsapp status in Tamil for your loved ones. These all Whatsapp Status are written by our Team Members. You can use these Whatsapp statuses in Tamil to convince that you love your loved one very much. So you can check out Whatsapp status in Tamil below. These are mostly Romantic Whatsapp Status and if you want Love Whatsapp Status in Tamil then open Love Whatsapp Status from the sidebar. Romantic Whatsapp Status in Tamil.

Here is the Romantic Whatsapp status in Tamil. You can check out the Romantic Whatsapp Status below. love memories quotes in Tamil am sure that your Friends will like these Whatsapp statuses in Tamil. You can checkout Whatsapp Status below. Noting is Perfect in the World, But when I am with you then everything is Perfect.

Use Emoticons with Love Whatsapp Status in Tamil.

Emoticons can be used with Tamil love WhatsApp status to make the status more charming and appealing, there are several emoticons which work as solitary love status any many can be combined with a pleasing quote to make it more alluring.

Several of the available emoticons can also be combined to make a message with symbols that look witty and is attention-seeking too as it creates curiosity in the reader’s mind. Making faces and heart symbols are very popular in this section as it makes the status catchy and a little more exquisite to the loved ones the status is put up for.

People often put up these type of status to show their regard and love, and it is like the perfect way in today’s digital lives where WhatsApp is part of our everyday routine and the status can be reached to almost everyone, unlike Facebook where most pictures are noticed, text is usually ignored making the effort useless. You will be getting the best love status in Tamil in this article for free.

I live my life because you love me like your life.
I always see you in Dreams, Hopefully, Dreams comes true.
I’ll love you until my Marriage.

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Don’t hurt the person you love. coz you may end up crying more than that person.
Pick above love messages to update your status this link with love status WhatsApp and display your true emotions of love to your people over WhatsApp. Show up the above love messages on your status.

sad love quotes in tamil for him

1st thing I like 2 say is 3 words just 4 you. I Love you.
Love cannot be followed sometimes but just to be believed.
The sweetest pains are the one suffered in love.

Believe me, I am a true scholar………at writing statuses.
Struggles are not just with strugglers. Idles are struggling more with their idleness.
Love is at its best when the person you love doesn’t know about it. No promises, no expectations, no messages and… So no heartbreaks!
Some tears flow, some get dried up at the eyes. Some don’t find the way and remain inside to ache your heart forever.

deep love tamil kavithai

Love is defining yourself through someone else. Love is living through someone’s life, looking through someone’s eyes and crying someone’s tears.
Love unites two souls to never part.

un ninaivugal tamil sms kavithaigal

Love introduces you to yourself through someone else’s being.
I have not spent a single day without thinking of you. Maybe its love.
Love is magical and musical.

Perfect beauty lies in cute little imperfections.
Be yourself. God gave you cheeks not to be slapped, but to smile.
Widen your cheeks and keep smiling, for God dint give you cheeks to be slapped.
Even the person having the lengthiest friend lists must be feeling alone sometimes.

tamil kavithai lyrics in english

Love makes you forgive everything.
Love is the key to all happiness.
Love is ageless and timeless.
Loving is believing and trusting.

God gives us the key to solve our problem and sometimes puts it in the lock too. We just don’t care to turn it.
If God is just an idea, how am I here?
Many letters are silent in English, but they have their place in the words.
Hey just wake up fast; your dreams are calling you.

tamil love quotes in tamil font

Love is neither true or false. Its just love.
The spring of love doesn’t know to dry up.
Whatsapp Status Love.

Love is not finding the perfect person, it’s about loving and seeing the person as perfect.
The person in love loves to let go of all the imperfections.
Love is magical, hearts broken in love are terrible.

tamil love quotes for him in english

Those who love passionately, never grow aged. They die young.
My greatest achievement was to enable myself to propose to you.
Your love turned my existence into life.

he power that is holding the universe is love.
The path of love is too narrow to walk unless two become ONE.
Every time I see you I feel like falling in love once again.
I wish I fall in love hundreds of times with you.

love quotes for him in tamil words

Love adds meaning to life and goodness to the heart.
Love is great but seen in small things like care and attention.

Keep the doors of our heart open, love can enter at any time.
Love cures both the person in love, the giver and the receiver.
Beloved’s smile is more than the sunshine.
Love is not just staying together, but thinking together.
Love happens in a heartbeat, in a single throbbing moment.

sad love quotes in tamil for him

A glimpse of beloved means a glimpse of heaven.
Love is enjoying roses while thorns poking the hands.

A love when rejected grows stronger.
Love people and use things. Not use people and love things.
Fall in love with the person with the one you can’t stay without.

tamil super kavithaigal

I love you not for what you are but for what I fell when I am with you.
Love is the poetry of all the senses and rhythm of the heart.

If you don’t smile at me, you are a natural disaster.
Life has no balancing wheels, so keep on moving or you ‘ll stop.
Don’t hate me, even best people make worse mistakes.
Please don’t take me seriously… Am serious.
I m in love but guess what… I dint fall.

long distance love quotes in tamil

Love is without reason and season.
Love stays even when you lose everything.
Love is richer than the billions of wealth.
Love is worth risking everything.

Beautiful Love Whatsapp Status

Beautiful Love Whatsapp Status
Love is loving someone in thousands of ways.
I can see u without eyes, can think of you without the brain, can touch you without hands. This is the magic called love.

love quotes in tamil for lover

Give yourself a chance. You never know how strong you are.
Never ask God ‘Why me’. Just say, try me?
God wanted angels to be with us and so he created friends.
Don’t try to stop waves, learn to surf.
Tomorrow is your new chance.
To get better results, make better efforts.
Good Whatsapp Status.

husband and wife love kavithai in tamil

While sleeping you can dream, but while waking up you can make them true.
Don’t quit smoking to start it again.
Ships are safe at the harbor but they are meant to be in the sea.
Be a matured mind and a child at heart.
Expressing yourself is more important than impressing others.
Either quit or stop complaining.

love quotes for her in english

Sunrises beautifully every day.
Efforts before results are compulsory but result after efforts are not compulsory.
U and I are together even on the keyboard.

long distance love quotes in tamil

Just be happy and you will make the troubles unhappy!
Dreams never seen are never fulfilled.
A single bad day won’t make your life bad.
Attitude depends on the people in front.

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