What is the story Yes Bank until it is made ‘No Bank’?

What is the story Yes Bank until it is made 'No Bank'?
What is the story Yes Bank until it is made 'No Bank'?

What is the story Yes Bank First, whether the government of PMC Bank and now Yes Bank has any concern or the same line, Yes Bank has no sunk, but Modi and his policies have ruled the Indian economy, such as Yes? About 15 years ago, the Indian banking sector had big dreams, and how it could finally reach such a situation. What is the story Yes Bank

Deposit capital in the form of their hard-earned money. Yes, Bank has more than 11 hundred countries across the country and more than 21000 employees working in the bank. Things were about to be a long time ago, but the bank’s management of the bank kept assuring that the customers would not be broken and with their deposits.

YES Bank customers sleepy, the Reserve Bank has disinvested and has had several restrictions on the bank’s deposits along with the rest of the bank. of this bank, including the withdrawal limit. The central bank has set the withdrawal limit to ₹ 50000 for the bank’s customers until the next order medical. In case of accidental higher education or marriage, this limit is ₹ 500000.

The bank has been prepared to give a consortium of financial institutions under the leadership of the State Bank of India. The story of a bank is also interesting. Rana in 2004 Kapoor started this bank with his relative Ashok Kapoor, but in 2008, Ashok Kapoor was killed in the 26/11 extremist attack in Mumbai.

The battle between Ashok Kapoor’s wife Madhu Kapoor and Rana Kapoor started over with the ownership of the bank, Madhu wanted to include her daughter Shagun Gogia as a director on the bank’s board, while the board members were not ready for it.

Rana Kapoor won the court and continued for several years on 30 August 2018, The Reserve Bank asked Rana Kapoor to continue as MD and CEO until further orders. If approved, then who is Rana Kapoor?

Until a few years ago, in a discussion about the financial sector was common, if no one was giving you a loan, then Rana Kapoor would give you a firm loan. Rana Kapoor, the founder “and the founder” or “and a founder”. of the Bank of Kapoor, said that she was very serious about the business and the example of the banking sector. Rg how to recover.

Written by Purana Kapoor, government banks were busy making money in the wake of a global recession in 2008, where banks across the world were peaking.

Under the leadership, Yes Bank saved itself from drowning in this building, then in May 2014, Narendra Modi came to power, Rana Kapoor was a big supporter of the policies of the Modi government. Rana Kapoor, MD, and CEO of Rana Kapoor, MD and CEO of YES Bank in January 2019 after being removed from office.

It originated in the fourth quarter of two thousand eighteen nineteen ie in January, when the bank incurred a loss of more than fifteen hundred crores of rupees. On October 13, 2019, Rana Kapoor and his group’s stake was reduced to 4:45 percent.

Yes, Bank’s outlook has been removed and put in a negative list ie Yes Bank is starting to find it difficult to raise money from the open market and abroad Yes Bank is getting trapped in the quagmire. Deutsche Bank India head Ranveer Dil As New CEO Also try.

The success of the quarterly results could not be achieved, it was clear that the ever-running YES Bank has been derailed. On May 14, the Reserve Bank will appoint its deputy governor R Gandhi as an additional director on YES Bank.

The central bank has often taken such a step when a bank needs additional monitoring in August 2019, where the price of 1 share of Yes Bank was ₹ 404 as of Friday. The total shares of 7 months and Yes Bank’s market value went down to Rs 7945 crore



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