What is the difference between Endemic Epidemic and Pandemic Disease

What is the difference between Endemic Epidemic and Pandemic Disease
What is the difference between Endemic Epidemic and Pandemic Disease

What is the difference between Endemic Epidemic and Pandemic Disease We are going to discuss what is the difference between the epidemic endemic disease and how it “there.” and how you can find the translation and mean differences that come and go. What is the difference between Endemic Epidemic and Pandemic Disease

Now, how do you know if any disease is going to happen to the people who are examining it? If you have a touch or a pulsar that can spread the disease, the animal is also a mosquito texfixer, which can spread the disease of non-living and non-living Sources, which can spread the disease like the former and the voters who have contamination.

Endemic and epidemic definition

Come on and there is the examination meat inside the contamination, there is a lot of Salmonella bacteria inside it, and you get to see a lot of those chemicals out there.

Before we see what is the meaning of endemic disease, this means that if you live in the area where you live, then you know that if you live in the area then you have an illness. Daddy Scholin Demic Jeans, and what happens is permanent, it is not right, there is a constraint and this is what you live for in that area.

Watch the video difference between Endemic Epidemic and Pandemic

Saying the meaning of this is not the same as malaria, it is the whole of the world, it is the inside of the continent but only a few parts of the mill area spread within a few parts of Africa. called cold endemic. Rahi Syndemic South Africa Examples for Sims “Why do we are…?” young, what happens when we have chicken pox which you no longer have at home?

On top of that, Pimple has begun removing chickenpox, what happens when you get to the place where your childhood is, its rate is high to see what’s inside childhood, then what’s the date meeting, what’s your chickenpox win Among the youngsters of the mick, this is a permanent Yogi Yogi to be found within the country of the particular region.

What does it mean in India? This is the meaning of all the laws that are in the law. I have those who have been affected by the mouth. The children’s score directly affects the children. Is it open to it sent indeed is worshiped in childhood is the adult corporation inside it is no one who is aware of their Holo endemic disease not seen by the Shree sign and the system and what it meant by hyperendemic.

Endemic and epidemic diseases in pediatrics

Which of your band, which is the total area, but which is the higher rate, hyper means above the high rate, if the disease is spreading, which are coming out fair and which “and which is”. the effects of this group? If this is a cold hyper India, Famous hypodermic hypo means less than what is known inside Syria If your military is decreasing, your minutes are not at all, and it is very little, then you can get the hyperendemic disease inside of the pterias, and this is what this is about. , that any such disease which you do not know that it can come to the salary immediately and its.

Which is the area of ​​your population that is accepted and accepted? What is the point where the same number will remain within the same point, and that number will come within the same point? If you see their number in two weeks or less than two weeks, then yes, the number is increasing and the exam will be just as I am. Epidemic Disease. Epidemic Disease.

Before 11 February, Why Did You Declare That Payment Is The Full Level Of Epidemic? The disease was found at that time, China was getting tough but later it was found out that yes, slowly, that is what has gone over the whole world. In the area, there was a Dad Miss Karuna virus.

If you fall for Hurricane Baghera, the meaning of Quick Draw Two, then due to these things, which is an epidemic can be yours if I am an examiner. It is not that fever, the whole of India gets cut-off in Patti Gularia, especially in some areas like your Banana Vagaira area of ​​South India.

Endemic and endemic species

Or what you get, you get to see that epidemics are such a condition, then what is meant by endemic means and what it means to go to the higher level and above all the world level and demic means again. The World Widespread Infection is spreading inside you, people who are very, very much affected and their deaths are not so much that they are going to get you five dead 10.

If the number goes into a hundred, then Daddy’s Miss Call Dad is the Cold Pant Damage Jeans and WHO’s Accord, which he says has a definition of Pendent Disease, that says there is an outbreak. Any worship can also be a virus. Anything can happen, there is a pattern that will be found in the outbreak, inside which is the person who is spreading the disease from person to person through the blue Jane this disease

Endemic and epidemic defects

Earlier, due to the new pattern, keep in mind that what we have learned is the endemic disease inside the stripe gularia, which is the epidemic disease in which some population and endemic diseases are found. The difference is in the whole world. Inside -Some area and Pande observers in the whole world.

For exam smallpox tuberculosis black death this is the light 1350, it was seen in your tendencies. Exemplar One n One virus which is inside 1918 underwear g99 Smallpox WHO has claimed that yes this is your payment case. To the Eradicate and to Edit What We Have The Night Net, And The First Disease That Was A Small Bird That Turned A Pen I Had Irradiated The World Wide Rediculous And CM In The Fet Virus Which Was Also Your Pandemic.

The h3n to the virus of the disease. Now if I say, what is the compassion virus that is now your whole world factor, that is why “Why do we have…?” saw the Janata curfew was imposed, then Narendra Modi Ji’s tweet came only after the Janata curfew? Yes, at 9:00 pm at night.


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