What is the Antibody Divine of Corona Virus?

What is the Antibody Divine of Corona Virus? According to the World Health Organization, coronavirus has spread to 123 countries, including India, Britain and America, and more than 5,000 deaths. What is the Antibody Divine of Corona Virus?

all over the world. A group of scientists believes that they have an antidote that can detect the Poorna virus and stop it.

Ana Holly Gan, says the resistance has yet to be tested on humans, a process that could take months to develop, says Erasmus Medical Center and US University. 72 is the virus of the Karuna family which is responsible for the epidemic of vid 19. for

The Coronavirus Pandemic Spread When we were working on a preventive project, scientists say that the same antagonist continued spreading after infection, while the results of this study are still being reviewed and the study is still on. done to convince a pharmaceutical company its widespread production as a medicine.

What they can believe is the complete infection of the antagonist and the spread from it. It may take years to make a separate immunization vaccine for 119 and it is possible that the virus will disappear by then

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