USA Punishes China Taiwan A lot of samaritan mug America

USA Punishes China Taiwan A lot of samaritan mug America If you see the US and suddenly the relationship has become very alcoholic. Here you will see the article of CNN that is covering the US media that youth are channeling this relationship and There have been more and more because of Karuna vs Sense is a very simple region. USA Punishes China Taiwan A lot of samaritan mug America

There are so many deaths around the world, 30 April in India, we are seeing what is happening, so much negative vaccine towards real China “China also shows”? anger around the world or a false knight to counter it. USA Punishes China Taiwan A lot of samaritan mug America

It has been said that this virus is spread due to the US Army and China is not responsible for it and let me tell you what I have searched for which is the operation of China. Tiv that it did not tell us the virus is gradually becoming successful Many people took longer believe in China that the virus is their responsibility.

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It is not because of them that many people in our defense did not believe that the origin of the virus was in the US, “China was a later person”. later, the virus spread here very much, so from the limited country, I would say Democratic countries. Hey India, Australia, some European countries USA Canada where people do not believe that the virus started from there, then the Megapixel of China There is a sugarcane machine who is a spokesperson of their fun city.

They have repeated it now that people are starting to believe this thing, but the young man has started saying in response to this is the Chinese virus, let China be right Belongs “and” we should not ignore this because of political correctness, so the issue is, who will take responsibility for where the origin of this virus originated and The accusation that Ina has been accusing of hiding the world from the virus for several months and on the country has also revolutionized those who stopped international flights from China, see a “very”.

Aishwarya told that if the 2020 elections are coming up, then the youth sudden relations about this show will continue to worsen in the coming time and Celsius Government January Frosted with Chinese Attitude Recording Kovid-19 has now taken USA Final Extended to save China.

Under Type, the US will support Taiwan aggressively to get international relations and see Taiwan is a show that China has become It’s just a little day to tell you that OK China believes that Taiwan is its text and Taiwan is not an independent country, why you believe it, you will get a study IQ by Variance video that told you that I believe OK China, for now, Is that Taiwan which is “appearing” here and this government today, a lot of the country puts pressure on it that you can do any type of weather formal with Taiwan. Do not hold any relations because of Taiwan Simply.

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Pravin often has”. been informed by the People’s Republic of China that China, which is China’s Grand Plan, 4 years 2014, a lot of its offices have said that by then China will have read Taiwan to its target. Take the deadline, that by 249 there should be a text of Taiwan China and by the way, if you see how the world is moving forward, the projection is in front of us.

According to the GDP growth rate according to which countries are increasing, many estimates believe that in the coming time, a young sentence of purchasing power will fall to the third number India and China will be the world’s largest economy and China too. China will have a special distortion, China will be far ahead compared to the rest of the world, so this data, this court speed is now the same. It is from 2016 than it was in 2017 came another tweet from price.

Water house cooper, they will have three big economic powers in the world by 2050. US India and China and the match of US will be smaller than India, then if India is getting more A certain then at that time, China will very easily result in US Taiwan Can Read Its Its Very Much A Possibility If GDP Growth Rate Is Rising Likewise.

And See China Very Matriculously Very slowly and according to a plan, isolating Taiwan here is very good in front of you, I see this country which is in light green color, it is all those countries which is why the phone means official Taiwan. No one holds diplomatic relations with them, but their tiles are informal Bay Taiwan than the orange countries you are looking at, then Afghanistan Afghanistan Pakistan Iran The Central Ash Elect Countries some countries than here at Ukraine like that so.

All of this is a country that does not consider Taiwan at all their only language has people square Leakop China and that information is not even Taiwan Kodak Nice. He believes that Taiwan is the text of China, China is growing and increasing its conference It is not trying to increase the number of those who are in this orange country and stop putting Taiwan in the whole world and this process of China Yogesh Sennett and Donald Trump have also passed Sunday to tell a very important type of typing is the capital of Taiwan type itself stuck, by the way, is also a full form Taiwan.

Alise International Protection and Enhancement Institute inside which it all International will try to take Taiwan in membership on whatever such tuitions are there if there is a restriction that the same country Micro Membership will have to find which country the State votes Attlist.

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Taiwan gets an opportunity and status in the group. Basic US wants Taiwan not to be isolated in this process. In the process, the young man must have taken so many blasters which have now been taken recently and see the specific type of China in the act. It is written about how China is expanding in the region, it is using Taiwan Against means that by misusing its power one The small country is putting pressure on it and the family focuses on one thing in which the World Health Organization completely excluded Taiwan in the time of Kovid-19’s Panda and they did not help China.

Taiwan’s help, what do you think about Taiwan, they refused to answer at all, this video I am showing you, it shows us how much pressure China has on the country. You do not have to take Taiwan to keep it completely isolated, here you see Hello all the gift options.

Dance for the job and so this is what you saw. How did the top officials of WHO talk about fear? They were taking the name of Taiwan. The youth wants such a situation that does not happen and it has been passed to change it. And apart from this, very important provisions have been made in this act that the country and the constitution which will try to isolate Taiwan absolutely will not give their voice to the Taliban. Who will not listen to Taiwan Yogesh take action against US Will Kanseedr reduced in the economy?

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