Trump asks India to send Covid 19 Medicine to the US News

Trump asks India to send Covid 19 Medicine to the US I am listening to the Pacific Governor’s menu. Donald Trump has said that I have requested India to fight those Kovid-19, which is medicine, I would not say that Hydroxy. Chloroquine, which has to be heavily discussed, is the only medicine in the media, with this pack is used, but for now, let’s talk about Hyde Oxychloro Coin. Trump asks India to send Covid 19 Medicine to the US

In May, Donald Trump called Kya Keon to PM Modi for open and said that the export of hydroxyproline that India has stopped today, leave the exam message to the US special and the US should export some medicine. First of all, I want to hear what Donald Trump has said or will tell you later, what is the picture nowadays, that cycle is Prime Minister Modi Venjrs Morning Image.

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The MX Player is the Asian Championship Hydroxy Preventing Tablet and some tablets are manufacturing this Jogeshwari in very small quality, in addition to all that Hydroxy Preventing Tablet Youth Affection and Condition, The girl is from there too young score export for all examinations of greenery sand, he will punish the staff on the very zombie game of the family. No more research has been done on this, Mother India is the top of it comes in the foot, very useful in India.

In Quantity, we manufacture this tablet if I say specifically that all the private companies in the world can do 200000000 such tablets every month at this time, this tablet government does not do that private company in our country, but the exam industry Sorry Ekka Laboratories Riders Wallace Pharmaceuticals must have been seeing the names of all these private companies whether in Europe or Or company has all the Indian company and the International Various Medicines exports would have gone the same statement on behalf of all completed.

If in the coming time, if the world felt that the world needs January s medicine and our country needs it too, then the product that is needed can increase it to a great extent, India has so much attention 400000000 or 50 crore tablet P every Months can be achieved and the tablet to stop hydroxy is sold for ₹ 200. I will request all of you to not start it yourself without listening to the doctor.

Those who give medicine to doctors, who complain, only focus on what is in the medical news these days. Do not start taking some medicine yourself. Hydroxyproline tablets are much less and used on the date of rheumatoid. To look into a lot of space for Arthritis, it is written in Water 10 that Hydroxyproline is a malaria medicine that is not loaded. We use him to say something to fight malaria.

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There is one, but hydroxychloroquine is degraded from his laptop, although both of them and the head office are not different. He can say how to see the new hydroxyproline news in 100 or more laptops, there have been some studies at this time. It has to be understood that Kovid-19 has given the world a very big chowk very quickly.

The world is still doing a lot of studies, which one If the medicine works, then the youth has also been able to do limited studies, then the limited studies have been done and hydroxyproline there, it is reported that if a patient gets Poorna virus then the chance of going to the ventilator is somewhat If you do something else with Hi Dog, there is another medicine along with Deepak, if it is given and in the rule of this app, also mention it, take this patient alone. This was not so it should be under the supervision of doctors Nurses have been studies such as sales in the US Donald Trump pH.

And he did admit on March 21 and said that Hydroxy Karo can be a game-changer in the fight against Kovid-19 Bagchi Work Work Ajitromyakin and may not know $ 5 but we are very cheap here and said that these two should be removed. The real chance to become the biggest game-changer in the history of medicine is very old.

Azithromycin, which is sg51 antibacterial medicine, very often if people get the infection, then they use a lot of lamp for them, then in the US, there was a lot of studies in both of them, Veda Kovid-19 patient and it was found that both of these medicines It does not eliminate the Kovid-19. If a person becomes a eunuch, then the full year will not go away from his body if it takes both but his symptoms are there.

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There may be some improvement in it and the chances are low enough that his breathing problems become very high and that patient needs to support ventilator, then I would say this is why both medicines are very much in the news and in India, if you see your Indian Council of Medical Research ICMR He has commented that this medicine winds said 11 Predictions can be for high risk. P live to kill Asia saying that he goes from health workers who regularly go to the hospital which is Kovid-19 patient.

If it is those who die and take this medicine, then they confirm, then their chances of survival also increase greatly, but let me tell you, do not take this medicine again in your case, which the doctor revealed.

Have done just to focus on it, now all that I told you, from this, you will think that it is good that Hydrosil people have a chance that they should be okay Kovid-19 make it dangerous but thousands Many people can save their lives with this medicine, and scores are possible with the lamp, but we should not believe that the vaccine of Kovid-19 has come or that it is full of endemic, it should be given to the head office people. It will be a release, it can be a release, its possibility is good. Secondly, why does the question does not cost people so much, why all our children do it?

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