Why Switzerland has the highest number of COVID-19 cases per capita

Why Switzerland has the highest number of COVID-19 cases per capita Switzerland is one of the most developed countries in Europe, why is the highest number of Kovid-19 patients here, but Capita if you are Iceland and the rest of the small country with a population of less than 1000000 If you ignore, then Switzerland is a country which has almost “85 million populations”. why are there so many cases? Why Switzerland has the highest number of COVID-19 cases per capita

And in the US, look at the whole, which is a case, the coat has been one, the US is not able to control the Kovid-19 from anywhere, here you will see if, in the US, there have been more than 130,000 total deaths, 23 deaths in Italy “So”.

it looks like how thousands are not going every day and Total Almost Eleventh House has died. These people are going to declare almost 100000 cases in Italy in one or 2 days. You will be Learned and after it is”. China, then Spain is Germany. You will stop here.

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This is a population of all countries which is very large and it has a population of millions and if you look at the 1 fibers, it means that there “is”. 10 million people in Italy in the case of friends. And Spain’s ratio is very bad, that means out of a population of 1 million, how to go to Italy, how to go to America around six hundred hundred, around four hundred trees, there is a country around six hundred hundred.

Here is a different sign here: How Switzerland’s Total Fifty Thousand and 300 deaths have been done in Switzerland. According to the population of 10, how about 1713 are coming out of every 10 lakh people who are major countries. Maia can live in those countries whose population is above 5, 000, has the highest rate, then you can say that what son is going to get the most in Switzerland of Kovid-19. If you research this, then you will find some other countries for example symptom berth.

The rate that “there are 3115”? but the problem is that the growing population of the election is not even 1000000, but Iceland and the symptoms here But we will not account so that’s why Switzerland is being asked how to get the most out of Capita and now you go to “100.000 questions”. worldwide in compassion year why Switzerland, which is quite a prospect country, why is the situation so bad there.

Its answer is the graph here, if you see the map of Europe, here you will be seeing Italy Italy, of course, is a very big epicenter of compassion, how is the virus growing continuously in Italy and the US today, then it is Northern of Italy. “On the side, you will find…”. in Switzerland and Italy also, I will tell you that most of the stories are around Milan, which means that what has come out, how can the encoding be sent around it?

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Yer “does”. this with a country that is struggling itself today Kovid-19 so automatically how many people here in Switzerland, with a lot of Italian, he goes to work in Italy, then he comes back to Switzerland There was cross-border transport in the country, so had to come, because of this, how many people are getting to see a lot in Switzerland today, let me tell you one more thing. Roland Well no official not capital but they who Difakto Capital is Bar Bigha Asked Question.

Well, it is the golden gold that comes in Kettle North. People are transported, if there is a tree, then this virus spread, but Switzerland had an option to close the border and seal the border, log down and develop like Switzerland. Why the country did not do all this, just look here also has its place in the calendar

This means that if you have Laxmikant, then 1 Carton they use there quite often, that is Direct Democracy, our country is India or Pakistan or Varias Old Country where Democracy people follow there, how is Indra demo meant? That you have chosen a member of the parliament, you have voted for him, now that man has become a member of the parliament. Area about the fine he will not ask you, you voted now just 5 years.

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Whomever you call for, you have to support him in the Parliament, do not support it, he will just do the Member of Parliament site in Switzerland, it is not like this here, here people follow it in their parlance of Direct Democracy means if they will be in the future. Give your approval on the bill, support the bill and oppose the bill, then whatever will be its decision, which one will it go back to?

In 20 people will ask their people, they can vote through what is a ballot box or there can be a reference, then in Switzerland, this conscience develops with the help of a lot of important cultures. With this, the Parliament Aliens take any further decision, nowhere you have to think that who started thinking how many coronaviruses will spread so strong Gee then Switzerland has many people thought that this virus Regional you will for some time then you will run.

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