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Stana Katic Instagram I’m here with the stunning star the ABC hit show Castle. Stana. Katic is with us now is coming up on season Beckett, and 6 big changes happening in the life of her character Kate Beckett and we say to your big doings. You’ve accepted castles marriage proposal.

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2. Stana Katic Official Instagram Profile Accounts and Images

“So”. how is that? How is that for Beckett life has changed quite dramatically now, I think that’s a big step for the two of them. Of course, you know, they had a lot of will they Adverb Word order for a long time to finally they’re committed to each other and it’ll be interesting to see how that trickles down to the rest of the group CUZ.

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I’m sure everyone has an opinion about weddings and dresses and things like that and the dynamic is quite different as we’ll see on the show. I’d like to quickly show everybody a little clip of Beckett and castle in action.

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The intention… #AboutLastNight

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“Who” the foreman give me a little bit. No, I have not. Come on. Don’t be ridiculous. Castle me on this one. I’m so well-said season 6 as I said underwear and then also congratulations on CBGB new movie you are playing a rock-and-roller.

Can you arrive, and she weighs a ton of (Brock) producer? And she was the lead singer of the first all-female rock band here in New York, and she still performs here and has amazing Stories and got to meet her in passing that you’re too way too young, but did you ever get CBGB information for your morning audience?

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