Social Distancing – How it helps fight the spread of Coronavirus?

Social Distancing – How it helps fight the spread of Coronavirus? Only 75 cities had lockdown till 31st March but as you know right now what is the scenario whole country is “is under lockdowns” for 21 days which will open around 14 or 15 states that during this lockdown. This is still true that only essential services like groceries milk petrol pumps medicines and it seems they will be allowed for certain hours like in my district is like to work in the morning in 2 hours in the evening “were”? there and definitely number of states that timer? Social Distancing – How it helps fight the spread of Coronavirus?

the coronavirus spread so that Healthcare Systems can handle the influx explicit by using people to avoid Mass Gathering that is why lockdown is there social distancing their social distancing is almost ready and successful in India is when we’re “the lockdown”. in our houses. We’re meeting relatives “So”. we have to avoid that also, what does the social distancing mean c offices schools concerts?

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Huntington sports “event weddings” and like everything has been shut down or canceled around the world and in Indian states in India also, right now there was an advisory by us Centers for Disease Control recommends social distancing measures such as reducing the frequency of large Gatherings and limiting the number of attendees limiting into school interaction and considering the distance learning in “some settings are”? is important right now so you can “tell”? has been advising “but” they were not falling this as a result today.

What is the scenario we have surpassed China versus the number of cases of increased in the US right? Now “So”. that is why our country our government has ordered this lockdown, what are the objectives of Saturday striction see if we compare this supposed to collect coronavirus to deadly diseases. For example, you compared with birds compare with the edge 5 + 1.

Which are Natalie also makes it more difficult to contain because with my listen to symptoms the infected are more likely to be active and still spreading the virus that is what is happening right now. “For example”. more than half the cases. I brought a cruise ship that has docked in California did not exhibit any symptoms to embracing on even on 11th, March WW2 officials were descended action must be taken to prevent transmission at Community Drive 11 to reduce the epidemics to manageable clusters, but that is not happening

Because it is known as stage 3 explained that in my area video we have to delay this stage 3 that Community spread should not take place all of a sudden it should be delayed “the main questions are”. of “questions of government are”. to reduce the impact of the virus by flattening the trajectory of cases from a shop Belikov 20 long gated speed “bumps”. like

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This is quite flattening the cock. “So”. how we can chat in the car. But social distancing limiting Community transmission is the best way we can flatten this go and see what happens. “If” this is a Call of Mini cows are tetanus cases are in cry are increasing with specific intervals of time. But this coronavirus how it is growing. It is growing like this because next time we’re getting more cases for flattening recovery want these cases to come down like this, right somehow China has achieved they are flattening the cops.

But right now you have seen the condition of Italy Germany Spain City China walls and then we know they predicting maybe incoming Times India can be in epicenter to so that is why we have to take precautions of social distancing.

About China like what was the cause of like in China? So the numbers show that the virus spread with Ube in Cubase, you say exponentially because many of these countries don’t thousand three stars epidemic also has Chinese provinces outside by effectively in February three other countries, for example, South Korea Italy it on there not able to flatten the car. So that is why social distancing is very very important to you pushing the distancing process to stem the speed of coronavirus state so that they can handle our infrastructure could handle the patient we are doing this.

So let’s have a look at India’s population how prepared we are saying that India is less prepared if we compare ourselves with us emit. They have number one, you know, amazing Healthcare System.

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We don’t have in India to India is very nice prepared to tackle Health epidemics. That is why India has taken a very good step of lockdown, but why we have not given us conditions of urban congestion in the city structure in the settlements that have grown epidemics. Once they occurred they will spread at a Gallop ingredient that you can see right now because many cases in India also being increased dailies.

Even if you look at the slum clusters all around the city’s unhygienic wrote the food Waste Disposal system will only aggravate the situation Harrison construction is basic support for the delivery of Public Health activities that current facilities in our country depend on the small picture of the delivery system. I’ll tell you some of the figures and the shocking pinker’s but they are true because there are you can just see the data around 23,000 government hospitals 7007 61 beds in the country. This is according to National Health.

This is not I’m not giving you the state of this data is has been taken from National testified like this. You can just take a screenshot of this a slide and you will realize why I’m saying that India is less prepare be decide comprised only 19810 hospitals in rural areas and how many beds in hospitals so everything is less if we compared to the population given population in the country.

What is the lake while there’s one good thing in this that is Liberty network has improved after the H1. N1 scare match needs to be done to improve the community facing Primary Health Services and risk communication to the public but General, Hospital Services can treat severe cases in urban areas, but true Health Care needs to step up. For an example of catalyst accessing responding 15 smartly Nipper. When does Nipa virus outbreak into place? It should be.

Do you spell of the newly detected? Coronavirus Airborne now, they’re saying right for me to separate video that said that phone of viruses Airborne how much we need to be very we need to get worried about Airborne are spread of coronavirus isolation for China social distancing for tackling this issue. That is why social distancing right now is very important to stay at your home. Stay healthy don’t need people don’t need your relatives what happens in a given setting in India.

We have joint families. Is there any living human just near to one of those Houston admitting her relatives? Because now we only have a vacation like situation but don’t do that. Just if you have a nuclear family or you want to join family stays in those don’t let your relatives from outside come to your homes and don’t go to their homes or Sativa.

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I want to make this lockdown successful right now because of their new social distancing rules. I’ve Just Seen a few like public Gatherings. They have stopped public gathering stories. Not more than two. People can be seen together beer ban right now in India, we insert a certain case initially. We ordered section 144 not more than four people to be important that you like the situation. We have stopped at once and that is a very good step play.

Yes, because it has an increasing so they have their new social distancing roots. And even in India, you have seen the new social distancing is now it is a curfew in all the places of a lot of exams have been postponed and maybe in future more exams could be postponed but there is no certainty. Let’s see how the situation with this pandemic goes into a country. Then we have encouraged the price of private-sector organizations to work from home to right now and working from home.

Social Distancing – How it helps fight the spread of Coronavirus?

And incoming setups in Banks, they’re working on Alternate days. There are some Services where people have to go out like bullies doctors bankers and several Pharmaceuticals grocery Shoppes at being opened also to help the people so that there is no shortage of the food items are the sources. So that is how come it is advising social distancing in our brain. We have to take it seriously.

So this is all about today’s lecture about social distancing. If you have any queries, you can contact me on social media or you can just find the PDF at me in my target on my telegrams on Channel 3. I oblique Veronica and thank you for your PC or any government exam a pen drive in tablet courses is available if it is available.

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