Six steps to combat coronavirus pandemic Is lockdown effective to control

Six steps to combat coronavirus pandemic Is lockdown effective to control This way, coronavirus is constantly spreading all over the world, “it figures”? have reached around 5 lakhs, which is the number one dead body growing very fast. The whole world is worried about how to reduce the number of it, how it is coming up. Six steps to combat coronavirus pandemic Is lockdown effective to control

How it should be reduced, the matter inside of the flat, which is the most important message that we have. The most important thing here is that the WHO has said that it is a very good thing that I will talk to you, I will tell you.

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For 21 days, Is It If You Have A Lock Price if you want to avoid the coronavirus epidemic, The Name Of The Director General Of The World Health Organization by Quid Top March, which is the Coronavirus here. How many have told him, plus one very important thing, that the six who have solved it? They told me that every single country can make him my own and their unique country.

India has a separate administration in itself; India is such a big country in its own right, so it can be changed according to itself, but here it is, with more than one billion people inside the world, the largest number of people inside the village. This is a matter of 1.3 that the villain is in our own country, then it may be closer to this time in the village, this time in the village, the total population whiskey is about 1 foot of the population.

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A very simple request, friends and what has been done to find this opportunity, many people feel that the price of a lock on the country is here. From this, but those new friends here, we need this opportunity which we have received for 21 days, it is very good.

It is said that what is the benefit of this, what is this, we come back for some time from Landa, what is meant by the mean log down, that in the first place, people are opening up to each other a lot, it means that we are doing social distancing which We are increasing the physical distance, we are increasing that which is the Already virus, in any question, it is maximum and not so first, it is basic that means we are here for some time.

And but here, some people who have already come to Coronavirus inside, on the streets, different places inside the steel here that this coronavirus can spread again if we do not tackle it “well-then”? people here from the village if we Think that it will be wrong for us to think that it will be indicated, here the government will have to take many more steps, which I will talk to you about 6 steps. Yes, let me tell the director-general that even if it is a small country.

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Or why it should not come to a very big country as India has become or if there is a different woman in her country, or India should have a separate drain here, every country must adopt these 6 steps, such a director-general Speak by here, discuss what this is all about, first step one by one, it has been spoken. Look at the date of Expand Train and Deployed Public Health Course Friends Here the word meaning health worker sen is a nurse from a doctor, everyone is being seen as a god, here in a way we are telling them that the way the army fights the border the same status was given to the doctors today. Going here, we are much less than we can thank, but here it is being said by WHO that this public health course is such a big force. Mari health workers need to increase it further, who need to include them from the retiring doctor, train everyone.

There is a need to give them and where they need to be repaired within the whole country, then the first step was that who should adopt each country and secondly, it is being told here that the Implementation System Tow Find Every Suspected Case Know friends, how is the government here, our state government, the central government is very much worried that people who have come from abroad, have met so many people.

If there is a question, it is believed that it can infect more than 10,000 people with coronavirus, so all those with suspicion here need to be found out and need to adopt a system and then all these countries Should be adopted in the third step, here is the ramp-up testing Capacity and Ability see here all the two I had heard which press briefing is also going on Day by Day Government By there was a secretary there, he said that India has 70000 testing capacity every week but still India is not utilizing it well.

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So now we need to increase the testing capacity, which is a test of Poorna virus, to do more of that and more we can check and keep it in isolation wherever it is found. Friends in WhatsApp, it has been said that the facility where you know, every ten thousand people in our country are currently labeled as WhatsApp.

Inside the hospital, there is a definite thing about the hospital, but it is not the only thing that can be done with the coronavirus. All of them should be added to the maximum health facility available to us as soon as possible. WHO’S.

there is a person in doubt, we are happy that any coronavirus infected man has come into contact, then we must make the facility team quarantine him. See How We Can Quarantine People In Our Country Means That The Coronaviruses Of The Fine Is Not Still Or Necessary To Do It For 40 Days If The Quality Of Keeping It, Then Any Signs Are Here, Then It Will Be. If it happens, then it can be sent in isolation. Kovid-19 is sitting in different departments in another country, then each department has its own separate road. Not.

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