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Rise of Skywalker Star Wars Episode 9 the rise of Skywalker was once again directed by JJ Abrams and is the finale of the much-talked-about the sequel Trilogy in this film? Kylo is on a mission to do a thing, Ray. And the rest of the resistance is also doing a thing and the emperor is in the movie doing a thing and that’s all I can say without spoiling anything. So, what did I think of the rise of Skywalker? Rise of Skywalker

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I have very mixed feelings about this movie. It’s certainly not a movie that I hate sand. It’s not a film that is as bad as I’m sure you will hear from multiple people and see very clickbaity headlines and things and make you want to get mad. I wasn’t upset by this movie even in the slightest but would bother me the most about this movie is that the story is so messy.

It’s got a very convoluted opening the first 30 to 40 minutes of this movie requires so much explaining and catching up which is very unnecessary Return of the Jedi took place.

Very far after Empire Strikes Back And although you need some catching up to understand that Luke is suddenly this powerful Jedi that he wasn’t at the end of Empire Strikes Back you kind of understand that in just one action when he chokes those Demaree and guards in Jabba’s Palace you like. Oh, “shit” is dude means business. This movie has to explain quite a bit and it makes the First Act of the film quite boring there.

Rise of Skywalker Full Movies Reviews

Also, unfortunately, very chained to the fact that Carrie Fisher has passed away, and they’re trying to conclude lay a story. So they have to use footage that they shot in the force awakens that was unused and other bits and pieces of unused footage to craft some kind of performance. I can’t blame them for that. I imagine that was a tough Challenge and they pull it off fairly.

rise of skywalker scene,
rise of skywalker scene,

Well, even though you’re aware of it. I feel like in the future if you’re watching this movie like 20-30 years from now and you had no idea that Carrie Fisher had passed you might notice something weird about the way her character looks inserted in scenes, but I don’t think it would be something that a parent to you.

So I have to praise them for finding a way to have layaway involved in this conclusion without botching it naturally the movie is stunning to look at JJ Abrams and Dan Mendel his Director of Photography, has made a beautiful looking film. There are action sequences that are so exciting to look at they leave off the screen name Leah.

Lifesaver fight on top of some wreckage amongst a raging ocean, but that leads me into my other issue with the movie and that’s that it can feel “a sometimes like spectacle” or the spectacle sake you’re looking at something jaw-dropping you’re looking at something that’s visually arresting but you don’t feel anything behind it.

The emotion just isn’t there. He reminds me of the finale of The Phantom Menace. I love the Darth Maul lightsaber fight. I still watch it from time to time. It’s really exciting and John Williams Duel of the Fates music is awesome. The issue is that I just don’t care about Obi-Wan Qui-Gon and Darth Maul fighting. There’s nothing emotionally interesting about this battle. It just looks awesome. That’s what a lot of this movie felt like to me everything they do with Ren in this movie.

Watch online Rise of Skywalker Full Movies

I was a fan of I think that Adam Driver is excellent as his character. And as far as the sequel Trilogy goes, he’s the most fascinating character in it and they explored him pretty deeply in this movie. And that was very satisfying to me. They also attempt to find reeds.

rise of skywalker all scenes
rise of skywalker all scenes

For why Rey is as powerful as she is they try to give her some more training and try to get you on her side a little more in this movie because I like this character a lot and I like Daisy Ridley quite a bit like the character. I think they had excellent set up for things in the force awakens. But then the Last Jedi filmed it, by the way, I still like despite many people telling me that I shouldn’t like it. I just don’t like 30 minutes of that movie The Canto Bight stuff.

I’ve come to hate the Canto Bight stuff even more than I did the first time I watched it every time I re-watch The Last Jedi I skip all of the can buy stuff and I feel the move he improved significantly, but as I said, the force awakens was set up it was intriguing for this Trilogy then Ryan Johnson came in and said, I don’t like the way you set it up. I’m going to set it up this way. So we almost had two films of set up and now we have a third film that’s trying to figure out how to conclude even though we’ve had two setups. That’s how I view this Trilogy and with this movie looking back on.

The other two it’s painfully obvious that they didn’t have a roadmap and they should have still Star Wars movies. It’s difficult to talk about them when they’re brand-new because these movies always end up with the legacies between 1999 and I would say I don’t know 2012/2013.

rise of skywalker angry joe
rise of skywalker angry joe

Everyone I spoke to hated the prequels, everyone, George Lucas was trash by fans and he sold his property today people seem to respect him a lot more. Maybe that’s because Generations that watch the prequels when they were kids are now older and it’s more meaningful to them. I don’t know all I know is that the legacy of Star Wars changes over time. People are always looking for something to blame about why Star Wars isn’t exactly like it was for them when they were kids order.

That’s Disney Kathleen Kennedy JJ Abrams George Lucas. Rian Johnson. People are always looking for something to lay the blame on for why Star Wars doesn’t feel the same to them anymore. We need to stop looking for people to blame. You can make a bad movie. You can make a good movie. It happened filmmakers make mistakes. Sometimes Star Wars is not going to be great. Sometimes it’s just going to be bad. It’s so popular. There’s going to be more and we have to just come to terms with that. We need to stop looking for people.

Corporations to blame for why something isn’t the same way that it was for us when we were younger because it’s never going to be that way because we had a different worldview then we looked at entertainment in a much more hopeful way to get off my soapbox now, but generally speaking, my point is that people’s opinions change on Star Wars rapidly as time goes on.

Rise of Skywalker movie first look

I mean George Lucas was trashed so heavily by fans that he just sold his property and was like, okay clearly you guys don’t give a fuck about my vision by and I can’t even blame him. Now people wish that they knew what he wanted to do with the Sequel Trilogy that’s got to be very weird for him. I don’t consider this a spoiler because he’s in the trailers. He’s on the poster in the announcement months ago, but the emperor being involved in this movie didn’t always work for me. It felt sort of like Abrams had set up smoke and then Johnson was like, yeah fuck and out Abrams is like, oh shit out of The Emperor’s back.

rise of skywalker full movie
rise of skywalker full movie

There are things that hardcore fans won’t like there are things that hardcore fans will like I can’t even predict what the Star Wars fanbase wants any more. It’s rather pointless for me to even try there’s character stuff here that I think it’s handled well fun action sequences. But as a story, it’s very convoluted and extremely Messy as a conclusion to a Trilogy. It feels even messier when you look back at the three films and you see that they just don’t feel a cohesive whole I’m not going to grade this movie yet.

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I’m going to watch it again this weekend with some friends and then I’ll do a spoiler review this weekend and I’ll give it a grade then I’m just feeling very mixed on it and I want to see it again. It’s disappointing. It is not as good as I wanted it to be at all and I would like to see the film one more time to develop some deeper thoughts on the movie and I’ll bring that review to you guys this weekend do see the film as a Star Wars fan. It’s worth seeing to watch this conclusion take place and there are moments in the movie.

That is worth seeing on the big screen for sure. There are scenes that I thought were great. But there’s just so so much in this film that didn’t work for me. Unfortunately guys,

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