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Rajdeep Sardesai Twitter Tops concept of doing not what is amazing, Rajdeep Sardesai has said a lot of people in today’s world are speaking anything without thinking, also know what is the luck Rajdeep Sardesai because 5 keep ahead Putting everyone forward, they are greatly criticized and a lot comes and you keep telling the truth because no one wants to hear the truth but that’s it! It is a matter of my respect, remember, I tell you something about them, then Sharad Pawar had thrown a press conference to them, Bal Thackeray told them that when the matter was taken up, how many days Sonia Gandhi was there Had become enemies of Congress party. Rajdeep Sardesai Twitter

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Amar Singh Rathore is “hating” Goten. Tell the truth and the truth should be heard by people. Start your news channel. Professional couriers should be smart. Rajdeep Sardesai’s biography has been Modi Ji’s good friend. Modi because I do him a lot.

If you are preparing for UPSC, then our printer was born on 24 May 1965 in Ahmadabad Ahmedabad is born in Gujarat, his father Dilip Sardesai, who has been a cricketer, yes he has been a cricketer, has been a Test cricket and also used to play very good cricket, he used to play very good cricket Sir Not the birthplace of the population, even though these are Mumbai Mumbai.

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And in Mumbai, he studied in Education Mumbai, Mumbai remained very close to his heart. Mumbai and Delhi are the workplaces of both the cities, although journalists have done everything around the world, Mumbai could never get away from Mumbai. Has been very close to Mumbai and after he attended St. Xavier’s College, where he was known as St. Xavier’s College and then moved The so there is law degree and could become a very good lawyer, but not the same them so much interest in Mumbai with no special.

If I can not become a cricketer there, cricket has failed and if you have failed, what to do, which option is left, the media can work for the print media, work for the best newspapers, but in the Times of India, they got an offer that you Become a persistent here and 90 offers came and here are those who were their gurus, whom I teach them a lot, never consider anyone a role model, this question is asked Shall take all the quality.

Due to which I am very much inspired by Gandhiji and Gandhiji that he was always smiling, Gandhiji was always smiling and spent 5 years in jail, like the smile that came back, Gandhiji, how Gandhiji started earlier in a way Dr. Pranab Roy can memorize today.

His friendship with RK Laxman was so wonderful that RK Laxman cartoon taught a lot to SRK Laxman that how to always be new, how to do Mādhari with work Rajdeep Sardesai explains that RK Laxman was that whenever I make cartoons I have been making cartoons for so many years that it has been 40 years but it seems like every cartoon that you are doing that I am still on the job and this is my first project initiative Assignment R was with Laxman and Sagarika Ghose, he’d written resides in his book.

Rajdeep Sardesai also worked in NDTV and political editor who is not NDTV, otherwise, he would talk about Rajdeep Sardesai and it was very difficult to do what I just told you that Danny Mountain Inn taught him a lot after that it came to NDTV. The time had started, what was it at that time that Delhi says in Mumbai that I did not own land, I came to Delhi from Mumbai, it was very difficult for me. That power in New Delhi to Mumbai but.

Political conference in Mumbai with a lot of my friends in Delhi came out of comfort zone in Delhi in New Delhi, it was difficult to do service in Delhi that when you come out of comfort zone then only you can show your best then only you show your best And here I got a chance to do a live show and was not good in Hindi, but despite that, you still show your best and after that, I got all the Jean live.

You should have 5 minutes about your work, a Ph.D. who feels that he knows everything, then what I will not do, I will not get what I will get the opportunity to learn, always think that if something does not come, then these general is always thinking that Okay but arrogance starts, don’t have to. And graphite used to host a show and stayed with NDTV for a long time and then he posted it to NDTV. CNN IBN editor-in-chief considers me his friend.

Everything was good, you were getting such good, you were getting popular, which was going very well, but then it is to create a new channel of the Decision and if you have formed a new army, but it is very difficult to do, rather it was reached in channel 95 CNN- ibn ok wanted to tell everything that Chief Minister Modi had gone to interview him at Ahmedabad’s birthplace in Ahmedabad and here some salvation attacked him for the time riots The Hindu has rubbed Muslim but an event which had them not so much pain.

Very experienced people who had always seen them laughing and were watching this city burning for the first time because it was the whole scene which was very sad for them, it was okay and they also say that the news channel that is still The quality of the phone has been reduced earlier, but some entertainment channels have a big hand.

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