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Rahul Gandhi Twitter Rahul Gandhi, the President of the Indian National Congress and whom people fondly call Pappu, will tell you about Rahul Gandhi in friends, and we will understand whether it is worth it to become Prime Minister of India or not. Rahul Gandhi Twitter

And Who gave the name Pappu about all these things and there are many things that you might not know about them, Rahul Gandhi was born on 19 June 1970 in Friends India’s biggest political party, or we say, political family. Rahul Gandhi Twitter

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2. Rofl Gandhi Twitter Official Profile Accounts and Images
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His father’s name is Rajiv Gandhi and his mother’s name Sonia Gandhi is also a younger sister of Rahul Gandhi’s friends, whose name is Priyanka Gandhi, people also known by the name of Priyanka Vadra, Robert Vadra’s name If the first thing friends Rahul that friends big interesting about the education of Gandhi and knowing that you also speak the brother enjoyed.

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Delhi-born Rahul Gandhi started his studies at St. Columbus School in Delhi, but after a short time, Badlun School shifted to Dehradun Uttarakhand where he did his studies from 1981 to 1983, during which his grandmother Indira Gandhi, India’s Third Prime She was a minister, and she was 19, the prime minister was her murder, after which her father Rajiv Gandhi joined politics and.

After the assassination of Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother, he became the Sixth Prime Minister of India, due to security regulations and murderous threats, Rahul and his sister Priyanka started their schooling at home i.e. the teacher came to their house and taught them and gave their exams. But it used to be that this is how friends Rahul and Priyanka complete their school education in their home. Take admission in Ej been Study Start your undergraduate graduation but after the first year Kanplit shift them at Harvard University in the USA election rally in 1991.

On-time, Rahul Gandhi’s father Rajiv Gandhi was murdered by Tamil Tiger, after which due to security regimes, Rahul Gandhi was removed from Howard University and shifted to Rollins College Florida USA where he obtained his BA degree in 1984 when Rahul While studying at Rolling University, his name was changed from Rahul Gandhi to Rahul Vinci so that someone would first know him.

Because of Chan’s failure and security regimes, and only his real identity was known to the people of the university’s official security, after completing his studies at Romance University, Rahul Gandhi took admission in Trinity College Cambridge and there in 1995 Complete means St. Columbus School, after all, followed by The Doon School, followed by homeschooling, then St. Stephen’s After that, Rahul Gandhi learned this after studying Harvard University then Rolance University and finally Trinity College England Total 7 Bigha.

Spider Anu Dubey’s enthusiasm will come out of gold. After finishing his studies out of fun, Rahul did a job in the management consulting firm Monitor Group and 2002, he became friends with technology outsourcing company Back of Service Private Limited Director. In 2004, Rahul Gandhi told the media that I had a Spanish girlfriend who lives as an architect and in Venezuela.

I met him while studying, after which everyone started feeling that brother boy has grown up but then nothing happened after that and now in recent 2013, Rahul Gandhi told that maybe he might be in his life Never get married, since 2004, 200 Rahul started his political career, I will not go into deep deep friends about this, you talk directly Rahul Gandhi’s achievement Print and First Friends Rahul Gandhi about the Contribution are a lot we have personality, he always promoted the Women Empowerment stand for election to the Amethi Lok Sabha and 2004.

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