PM-CARES Fund Covid 19 to fight against coronavirus

PM-CARES Fund Covid 19 to fight against coronavirus The Virus ie Corona Virus Which Is Going On A War Against It Is A Very Critical Stage. The fund has been launched by the PM Care Fund. In this fund, all of us are ordinary citizens of the country, we can contribute. Our Prime Minister has said this. PM-CARES Fund Covid 19 to fight against coronavirus

This is the DTS, in which way you can donate sperm, according to me the easiest way is to pay with the UPI ID BHIM app. You can use the app on a phone or Google on Paytm. This is the UPI ID, you will use this PMTARESHBI and if you want to pay for it then this website is your Front PM.

Debit card, credit card internet banking and various ways and you can donate here, if you do not have the resources, you are not able to do great, even then there is no problem, you share this “How many cans”? you share? Overall, this fund will increase so much and see that this fund is very important.

Coronavirus breaking news

Today, Kovid-19 has endured the whole world and all over the world. Recording Kovid-19 and above 622000 and if you talk about advance in India, then how quickly it is moving towards one thousand figures. And the dress has also fallen asleep. It has been seen in many countries that the world of one-thousand crosses the world, then the positivity wakes up to the accident “and” we also try today.

Kovid-19 and the next one to 2 weeks or even 3 weeks, if this container is heated, then it will be a big win for our country and if Mali Ji we are not contending there are some benefits Even a very minute percentage of our country’s spread of the virus, so for me, how can you see it?

Haven’t happened, but we shouldn’t ignore this very bitter truth and if the value of our country is too much, then at that point our country will need one thing and that ventilator you know, Joe Kovid -19 is a human binge imports lunch. When a person attacks Kovid-19 and his new system is not so strong, then his lens is ‘”excellent”‘. This problem is very little the patient ti is one time.

A ventilator has been delivered, but a broken letter can be found here. The ventilator helps that patient to breathe. You must have seen the number of deaths in Italy. There is also a reason for the lack of ventilators to come. If we talk about India, we have a lot of lack of ventilators, only around 30000 to 50000 are estimated to be in the government hospitals, who are less than “10.000 people”.

Coronavirus early symptoms

who go there In the US, where there are more than “160.000 ventilators and their population is much less than us. This is the ventilators that the government has dealt with some taxes, for today we do not export any active paint related to the ICU. O post ventilator exports and Deoria Secretary that we use.

All this is the band of today, and that is the most important government institute silver that the DRDO, yes, the dear, the missile, the wearer, the work of the latest partition, the DRDO is trying very fast. Tata Mahendras, these people have got 20 25000 ventilators in the coming time very soon do not think that we will be ringing at all. There is a very critical time.

Coronavirus effect on the body

If the luck of our country is good, we have all done our duty. How can the ship not come, but if there is any benefit, then how about a rotation spike in the positivity of it and the DRDO in the particular if I talk about it? He very well participates in the DRDO today in the whole world.

Hand sanitizer ventilator five-layer mass and love kn95 for our country. Apart from that, bodysuits are used by our armed forces and the DRDO has already used 4000-liter hand sanitizer for the Indian Armed Forces Security Corps and Medical Course.

And at a very cheap rate, it produces a very good quality hand sanitizer that they are not only revitalized and not the only DRDO Maruti, which manufactures the car, Maruti company has also said that they will give a party in today’s time. Letters Will Try To Produce These They May Also Know That There Is No Need For Ventilators And Maruti Is Not Doing It By Acchuli 24 March 2020 The Government Of India Which 5.

Tata Motors Mahindra and Mahindra Hyundai Motors Honda Cars India Limited, Maruti Suzuki Donald Trump has GM Motors and Beryl Neither is the company, they all have ventilators, as soon as possible, we are going to be critical. Next one to two weeks, then we may need a ventilator, so I have given you an example, apart from that, see medical workers. There will be many more pandals in the future that will make you pay for extra money.

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