Pakistan provokes Indian Muslims to violate COVID 19 Lockdown rules

Pakistan provokes Indian Muslims to violate COVID 19 Lockdown rules A piece of very big news is that Pakistan is trying to influence the Muslims of India so that the people of Kovid-19 violate the down. It is very sensitive and shocking. We are presenting this news to you through a report from the Delhi Police. Pakistan provokes Indian Muslims to violate COVID 19 Lockdown rules

Which is the latest in a series of analyzes, including a video of where I want to go? To target any community or any religious community, I only and only those who are analyzing the Delhi Police report and accompanying them, present them to you. I have been in the same way today, I think this time, our constitution is very helpful in this, our fund in our constitution. Many of Mantle.

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This is a disease that everyone can fight, but only then we will be able to fight this disease, then start my name is Anirudh and if you want to download this key.pdf you can go to Telegram Channel Anirudh 15a There you will get the PDS. The report has come. What is the title of Digital Vaccine Vaporizing Disinformation to Destroy Kovid – 19 long terms ie here is a weapon that is used as a weapon so that the lock-down of the Kovid-19 can be violated, its violations can be done.

Who has made this report? There is a special branch of Delhi Police that has made cyber experts. The report says that Pakistan has violated the nationwide lock-down of Indian Muslims. Many areas of provoke to the deliberate disinformation campaign.

The bad thing is that in my personal “opinion”. this time we should all be united and fight for this disease, but it is very wrong, as many videos have seen in Pakistan and the Middle East. But to make a Hindi video, audio is charged in Hindi, that is, these videos are either shot in Pakistan or Medalis but above the Hindi, audio is imposed on it. This report is about 22 pages long report which has been made public by Delhi Police, just 2 days ago. Videos of Muslims who refuse to defend themselves and beat medical personnel.

Many videos are coming out of many social media platforms, like WhatsApp Twitter, Facebook Ticket Talk, many videos are popular, there are videos in which a person is removing the mask which is the face of other human beings.

Those who are joking about that social distance are wrong and those who are joking that we don’t need “anything” call, maybe you have some days. This video is from Tabligi Jamaat Education, He Is Making Vulgar And He Is Roaming Noor Within Hospital, The Chief Medical Officer Of Ghaziabad Disinformation and fake news videos and posts by many users. This propaganda is one of many users who have seen fake news videos.

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Many people wrongly, the thing is that you are using most of the “Tic Toc”. which you know this Chinese company. is further circulated on WhatsApp Twitter or Facebook. There are almost 10 million users who have already seen these videos. The latest high degree of the Improving Society report of Delhi Police says that there are about 35000 videos that have gone viral. 10 million day already videos, not just tickets, they are also using YouTube very far. Yes, tabligi Jamaat is also being propagated on YouTube channel with new video clipping late singing.

Positive Kovid-19 Case In The Mark We All Know The Ministry Of Health So Far, Almost What Is Six Fifty, which is now uploaded The Video and Audio of Maulana Mohammed Saad Maulana Mohammad Baad Tabligi Jamaat’s Head of Muslim Tummy A Phone of Social Distancing and To Ignore The Government’s Rules of Social Distance and Government Directions Maulana Mohammed, who has the fun of making audio If those audio scores are also popularized, then there is a tick talk, then YouTube happens. Both mediums are very wrong and once the video is made.

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After all, every person is following this, especially in today’s time when the truth of social media has been filled down, you all know the suggestions given. A more straightforward suggestion is that all religions of Indian citizens must follow the national mission of strictly and lock-down to follow the timely removal and quick refutation of such deliberate propaganda campaigns. In this, we have said that we need to remove these videos from online platforms and quick rebuttal ie Deny the Reforms: All the Citizens Reliance of India follow the National Mission which is the lock download instructions. Let me tell you, Tik Talk was also made by India earlier.

Tick ​​talk is spreading the wrong information and in today’s time, you must have heard a lot that it can be more dangerous than coronavirus that people can not reach. India started to talk for 2 weeks in April 2019. At that time, it was said that there was a loss of 500,000 US Dollars.

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