News India cancels all passenger trains for coronavirus

News India cancels all passenger trains for coronavirus All the passenger trains till 31st March. This is probably the first time that all the trains in the country will be closed. Completely Stopped Till Thirty First March, I Will Tell You What To Do With This Draft Truck In Some Other Countries Of Examinations With Such A Large Scale And How To Stop Public Transport To Stop This Virus. News India cancels all passenger trains for coronavirus

On “March”. 22, the government has decided that the burden will be on all passenger trains for the next few days, Includes all types of passenger trains, no matter the capital, express train no Melo Passenger in every way. The train is canceled until the first march of March, only the goods trains will run and the essential supplies can be maintained in the country.

Coronavirus effect in India

Ajni had set the continent, she would go to her destination and terminate it, “because” India is a big country, here many nights passenger trains take 48 or 70 hours to reach their destination, whichever passenger is on the train right now.

If you need panic, you are watching this video while sitting “on the train”? , but your journey of the new train will be complete, but whatever the new train from the moment 23:00 If, then, this is probably the biggest reason behind this, the government has not given any reason. In all the metro cities, especially in cities like Mumbai and Pune.

The academic house and all the universities and colleges have been closed, so that all the students have been asked to leave, and the workers who have been sent to Delhi are leaving the metro cities. If they have their own “a good deal of money”. left to rent for food and drink, then their condition is very bad. “Daily” wage laborers who earn their living by earning money every day can afford to stay in the city for a month or 2 months.

Coronavirus body temperature

Until the shutdowns are given, and we don’t know how long it can continue. When the economic activity is stalled, then they have no means of earning. Everybody wants to go to their house or whatever in Muesli North or East India, due to all these students and migrant workers, there is a huge crowd at the Mumbai railway station. This is the next virus to spread. These factories were so crowded that the railways had a noon special long-distance train on Friday, where a hundred and fifty trains were already canceled.

Special trains were “a run” from Mumbai and Pune to Towards Bihar, West Bengal and UP from where migrant workers arrive in Mumbai, up to 5000 crowds, such as the Central Railway Station. Such photographs are all there. Now you can think of how social distancing is possible in such a situation and the crowd is so much more in control of a police station and railway line. People are waiting for the train, if you are looking for your video and you are currently in a metropolis and want to travel, then you can go to your home town as soon as possible.

Do not try now because the train has already been closed, and most of the states are locked in a state of lock-down. If you go from Mumbai to Jaipur, Then you will not be able to reach your village from another district in Jaipur because public transport is going to be shut down, where it will be studied and in a matter of weeks. After all, this will be over and we.

Coronavirus breaking news

Italy’s exams are very good to see. You all know that Italy has now become the number one country in the world, where most of the deaths have occurred and more deaths have been done in China. Let me tell you now.

That Italy’s population is only six crores and how many of those 140 crores, however, the outbreak that took place in central China but still gives only you. If you eat, how much is the population of 1 city? Arun kept the number of days under control, with such a large population of around 1.2 million, but in Italy, the killings had only three weeks to reach 5500, this outbreak in Italy. It was not started from Northern Italy, whose capital is Milan, and the area of ​​Northern Italy, which is very industrialist.

People go here in search of work, especially in the tall division of northern Italy, where many great factories are located in this area, then the first outbreak began here and a week later in the Italian government. The Allred Sade was impounded on March 8, when 7,000 patients and 366 deaths were taken. About one-fourth of Italy’s population and the Fourth, then the Locked Down in Italy, but most of the Italians were confused as to what the folk had meant. People just knew that please stop school. There is a normal social life.

The death toll of the continuation of a significant incident that took place a few hours before the lock-down of the media was reported to have taken place in the northern region of Migrant Workers. The railway station and bus and start getting ready. Now that the House states are very sensitive or illegal governors, they got them quarantined as soon as they came, but most of the government did not do that, because of this, the outbreak is still in Northern Italy, even today.

Yes, the Ladies’ Help is also very good because this area of ​​industrial ice is very rich, it is a very rich area and the house is very poor and regional disparity in North and South India. So far, 5000 such deaths have been reported from Musli Northern Italy, so what number is going to increase in South Italy?

The number of cases is going up gradually and some of its signals have begun to look at how low we were in Italy on 9 March and by March 19, the number of cases whose heads are rising exponentially and which will continue to increase the next 1 week, The biggest lesson in Italy is that you don’t have to spend 30 minutes doing work and Peace Mill means you are closing the school for 1 day, the next day close it. The fourth day of the railway station at the airport.

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