News Coronavirus whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang What China did with him?

News Coronavirus whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang What China did with him?
News Coronavirus whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang What China did with him?

News What did China do with him? Whistleblower on Coronavirus Whistle Whose whistle blows is getting stressed. The government’s own man will say yes, the people here are corrupt Whistleblower Edward Snowden’s awesome work on coronavirus but what would any of our doctors talk about? To come, such a virus is going to an end, it will destroy the whole world, it has destroyed the whole world. News What did China do with him?

When the Chinese government, China threatened to shut up or else you would be arrested. The party is set in a way; the media that is there, the media there is, social media Facebook, Facebook is all built; They have their own YouTube, their own social networking site, their own messenger, and now the chart is fine, then the Chinese government said that it is necessary to keep calm. coronavirus Libya Today Miss Short Biography and Learn What Happened In Dec 20l9 So Let’s Move On.

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After a lot of studying and going to the University School of Medicine, it is a way to become a doctor and in 7 years it is a way less binder and master degree program. Plus MSC-PhD so 8 years, 9 years, 6 years, no days, no admission in the integrated program and after that, they have completed 7 years of court and party with China, then you will have to work for them.

There is no democracy. There is no expression of absolute freedom, they are the eye doctors or those who treat the eyes, they are called Opsomologists in the Muhan Center. They got a job in the hospital and there.

News What did China do with him?

Comedy 2019 is a very dangerous muted, it doesn’t tell the whole world. China keeps its news but this time it could not. They were their friends, they were their friends, they were working with them, and it was his interview with a very calm and very intelligent person who never scolded his patient. Interpretive stops and screenshots created by The Problem Screenshots Shared on Social Media.

Oggy and you also need to be carefree, not compassionate, we have to “look at”? our government, if this tea gets cold then our group will be dismantled and action can be done, where even after that information is not circulated Worryingly, The heart of the outside must remain in the group itself, and it is about the group itself, whoever comes to the options set, but the nudge on which this group holds the right to charge. He did “better”? things “and” we did a great job and the whole world should follow our model but it was also confirmed in December.

The whole world is our model for the doctor, the nurse has worked for 500 days, what a tremendous job, what the matter is that China did a great job but it could have been prevented, let me tell you who is there and after “a fake polices” line here and there, the Commonwealth Security Bureau said.

Gated and said to be silent “saying his wrong”? is wrong, it is wrong and you are giving a statement, you are wrong and if you are giving a statement this way and then 4 days later, on 3 January 2020, the police will January 1 That was a new year, and we didn’t know if the coronavirus was going to come or whether it had got the science on December. Mr. Message and above telling them to be cool at all Prosikyut You don’t have to be threatened after they’ve been arrested 8 January.

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His patients were in the hospital, Lee had coronavirus from him and the virus became factual and after that, he was told about his experience in a police station, what questions were asked by the police and uploaded on social media. And after seeing it again and again, the whole China came to know that the Purna rain patient was in contact, then you know P1 Kapu. The An Corona Virus Respiratory Syndrome or where You Feel Like Feverish, Their Health Determined

Who has got it, this Jackson has spread and spread all over his body and now it is very difficult to save them and when he came to the hospital, he used to send messages and keep updating people online, and more. People joined two-three and after that, they said their friend is very bad, I am having trouble breathing, I am able to take a selfie of oxygen and if you are not able to find the ax on your own then what will the Chinese authority The doctor, which has been raided, but has been cautious.

He died only, what could be greater than the old rainy rain, and then at 3:00 am on the morning of February 7, there is no hospital or did that Libya has died, the cats have gone to heaven and compassion And a half million people were watching it, it was streaming live, the status quo was going on and that is why the whole world gave traction. Taryn is the deaths of cats but they have worked, alerted the world that it is good to tell, but now it is done, nothing can be done and the whole social media is unhappy and there is freedom.


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