Latest News PM Modi announces curfew Lockdown in India for 21 days

Latest News PM Modi announces curfew Lockdown in India for 21 days
Latest News PM Modi announces curfew Lockdown in India for 21 days

Latest News PM Modi announces curfew Lockdown in India for 21 days Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a 21-day lock-down in the country today. This lock has been downed with a corruption virus of threat. For the second week in a row, the Prime Minister has warned the country itself, about the dangers of the coronavirus, how to deal with it, which rules and regulations I have to follow. It was about the accounts and a nationwide lock-down that the Prime Minister mentioned in his back, Latest News PM Modi announces curfew Lockdown in India for 21 days

The Prime Minister himself has “made”. an important announcement and a one-of-a-kind announcement that will make the country “feel like “. it “it was “. a holiday, and many times more important than last week’s speech.

This is the most important stop to the Karuna virus, the night of 24 March from midnight on the night, these people will be down, Lockdown across the country which will continue for three weeks ie from “April’s night”. 14 to the album from March 24 to April 20 in these 21 days. All of you have to live in your country, do not go out, wherever you are, whether you are a hostel or wherever you are in another city, you are staying here by someone else.

Lockdown in India latest news

In front of us, people are folding their hands in front of the countrymen, so we must obey them, they are there, and they are there for the next 21 days and follow social distancing completely. It is said that only those who remain ill will remain socially distressed, and this is not the case for those who are suffering from this disease.

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In the next 21 days, then we will save our country from being pushed back from our country for 21 years. If you live in the country as well as economically, take 21 years of progress in our country, then 21 days just keep your restraint, don’t stay out of the house and 21 years Can save Mr.

There was a lockdown in which unity was launched in the whole country, where councilor announcements were also made. And it has failed, as in the case of Italy or Iraq, the prime minister himself gave the example of Italy and Iran, in which case, the coronavirus can be won. Many countries are successful, as is Singapore where there is so much infection. No South Korea has controlled.

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We are also successful in the exam. It is not the only first-year exams in Italy and Iran, but they are the next big hospital health infrastructure, a package of ₹ 15,000 has been “this money”? virus testing facility Doctors and medical staff will be PPN’s Personal Protective Equipment. It is a matter of booby that we are avoiding the virus when we are tweeting the patient, apart from the money spent on the training of the ICU ventilator and medical Barkat, then it is a very good message. Size of medical matters, the Prime Minister, which I liked very much.

If it takes up to 14 days, then 5 to 7 days are very common, symptoms start appearing, so do not think that I am healthy, then I cannot be home at ill. Superstitions and do not spread them out of the house and stay in your room. Now, even if the police are taking action against the rumor, then be careful not to spread the word on social media. This service will continue and the function will continue, but this was not the meantime, but soon after the speech was over, the tweet came to the attention of the Prime Minister for no need to pay his attention. A system is being created for this. Now, let’s talk about some practical information that can be found in the country.

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Shops that sell second fruit vegetables. It will be open to all the places where fodder is available for animals. After that, the bank’s insurance office will continue to sell commercial and electronic media essential items. 400 T-shirts on Amazon, bought and purchased, will not only work for food, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment Closed Cold storage warehouses.

All the buses of the state will remain closed, which is not the case with manufacturers of essential commodities, such as medicines or gas bottling plants. If you are in the old age of any product, then your factory can remain open or else the hospitality service means that the hotel and the restaurants will be closed but only those hotels can be opened.

If you go to your country or take medication, then there is the emergency staff, then those hotels are open keeping aloud is a very good decision and all kinds of temple mosque gurdwara church soldiers, everything will be closed Social-Political Sports Entertainment All Cultural Gathering also be closed, The Education Training Research Institute, all these states have closed many days ago, but if it did not, then it will be closed now. There will be many places.


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