Latest News India Fights Coronavirus Can India win this battle against

Latest News India Fights Coronavirus Can India win this battle against
Latest News India Fights Coronavirus Can India win this battle against

Latest News India Fights Coronavirus Can India win this battle against See the public curfew, Modi came and took a very good step and it should be taken. When it was down to the public curfew, then at “5 p.m.”. they were uploading “all of their plates “? and whatever hours they took, then the firecrackers burst. Latest News India Fights Coronavirus Can India win this battle against

That is why Modi has said that people are not taking care of yourself, taking care of yourself, your family members, and taking care of yourself. If “any of your friends are”? going out, let’s “s will see”? if it’s closed How do I feel good? Let’s go around.

Shyam is very good. March season in the not so “so many problems”? Commodity transmission is the right decision. Status of Puran My lecture Lijiaga “open”. completely removed the problem will assume the first team point here on March 31, the first is close to the movement of people first point that passenger travel such as.

Latest news coronavirus in India

Do not come but do service, it will now There are more problems than ever before, wherever in China and 1 point seconds, the governments have launched the district, targeting 75 where there are growing 75 districts in 23 states.

Celebrate medical infrastructure is not so good, our population is very high, we have 135 crores, India will have a lot of problems in the past, it is okay “and” we do not even have a commission. China has paid people to pay attention to. It is “the Government of Delhi”. and the Uttar Pradesh government that even if you have the option to act on your own.

There will be a lot of people on the action and there will be a lot of people coming out after the public and there is a lot “of the latest“. updates on Maharashtra. What does it mean to say more than 500, in India, the feast has been epsilon from the initial puff because we are Big Porn BP to BP. How to reach less than 40? Well, we have seen that in China, I had 250 friends.

Coronavirus treatment

No one should come out of the house at all 396 How can we not know how much has happened to someone, then it will spread again, now we can find people, can paint people, can add them. But it is important to follow the government.

ICMR is saying and following the trusted article which is relaxed 250 months after 50 days how many of the state’s compassion did not come to the sector 12 of 150 and then after 2 days how to find more friends in India. go but now growing.

Staying at home is very important, but still, the owner who is in the house is here, do not come in contact with them too much, where to see people, whom to complete, also comes a lot but still, there is The solution of a lot. Will the doctor, if you feel it is not the number that you are calling if you have to do it, then you do not have money here, do you pick up “Will the…?” call? Given that the weather is changing.

Coronavirus antibiotic

There is a lot of cold and cold in it, the time of the “seasoned”. In the month of March, you have no money, after that, you will have to take the top and then you will take it. It will be reduced, now we will learn something and India’s medical infrastructure which is good health care and structure are not good India.

Thousands of people have been taken out on Empty 0.5 tax. 0.5 son will come and understand the son, and how we will live, then we will not understand how much we have now and in our hospital, if we assume that the best key is a shortage, then where is already said. In that same way, the WHO has said that there may be 33000 deaths in May and June. No need to be afraid of juice.

There may be 30000 deaths as they come, then they will go in lakhs, then it is fine, which is bad, you can see where it is in some state, or what the other is in the black looking states which have been shut down. You won’t get too many seats. Jammu and Kashmir in Himachal Pradesh mean that if you do not do one of the 10, it will happen.


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