Latest News Hot Weather and Coronavirus – Will this help India

Latest News Hot Weather and Coronavirus - Will this help India
Latest News Hot Weather and Coronavirus - Will this help India

Latest News Hot Weather and Coronavirus We are going to talk about “the gender”. hot weather and Karo war recently “really studies”? have been made public in the US Europe China everywhere where it is said that definitively “exits”. a link In between Hot Weather and Karuna Bars, you will discuss it a lot I am feeling petrol in the world. Latest News Hot Weather and Coronavirus

How the total has now reached Freelex 78910 24:00 The Time of Recording and Total Death of 16000 KB has gone up although one good news is that “100.000 people”. people have recovered from this virus. Our members now a positive India that if we talk then I will still say our

Coronavirus cases

“The complete virus logs”? in the Two States Virus Total States in Trees is being done and every effort is being made to ensure that there is no public gathering in the world. In view of how millions are going, I have started doing research from Europe in the US, in which temperature does the disease spread more in the US, “me now clear that no”.

The study has told this here – Whether the temperature is too low or too much, then this virus will die there automatically and the chances of transmission are very low and it is even better if Suppose a person has got this virus in fact, you join hands with him anywhere in any tea in Africa.

In the budget or if you go to a cold island in Norway, you will get this virus in fact, but here we are talking about mother spread that if a man has a virus and it is going to rush in the city If traveling in that city, if the temperature is very little or more.

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Then how much impact will this virus have on the spread, then the name of this NDX VDIOS “University is”. is very much a Prestigious University, their research paper says that in the last 3 months, China has suffered the “a good deal of damage” in the country.

Most people have died and how thousands have come up there, the temperature that is there is the address temperature “between 5 and 10″. Degree Celsius and many updates have also covered it. Here I will be able to see it very well, but those who are now seeing the roof here. Reign and yellow that region green and come in yellow color from the temperature about 5 degrees on the Z.

Bitter Celsius stays in this map, I will not talk about latitude and longitude because you will know that if you take a girl and longitude in the whole earth, then there will be a temperature constant there, you will not know that Wherever the temperature changes anywhere, many of the fighters are priceless, the topography is there, what is the mountain there?

If you see the exam here, then in the US, which is their northern states, Washington, New York, the temperature there is in the last 3 months, it has been between 5 and 11 degrees Celsius in the last three months. Luxe is friend Spain Germany Switzerland Italy Apart from this, whatever you see in this lesson, it is a very interesting point that the very position of China There is no cause of topography and wind patterns here the temperature has been very low compared to you can say India or South

Coronavirus awareness

Asia, nowhere you will say that it is okay but what is the intention of Iran, here is the hero yellow line here, it comes at the border of it so see the study fits perfectly on Iran as well, any outbreak that has come in Iran is not in Ram The lion came around the area around the family Northern Iran, and the son who has died, the system has been here and if you look at the 29 who were hurt here in this study.

So there was a lot of destruction or there will be a birth in China, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, the damage is going on at the present time, because of the Because of Karo research, it is also said that if the temperature becomes very low Meaning that the temperature goes below 1 degree Celsius or else, then the chances of spreading this virus there are reduced to a great extent and if you put a sim Do not puke it Temperature look at where rises too much if the temperature of 15,000 degrees Celsius is also divorced so there.

How does not come so much, now people like you will come to the table and come here to join hands with someone or if there is physical attrition, then it is such a thing that they will get it back, but these large scale cases are limited former country and this alone is not true. Which is saying that if you put it in respectable times, Babur has also been told that the slowdown in Formar Weather will prevent the virus?

This is a very big point in India which The fair has been kept down perfectly because we will run here assuming it is okay, we have formal weather here, this virus will not run, it will be a correct observation, then you have to keep yourself away from other people. It is very important, but if the weather is with the country, then how can the snake be seen less often there, then the Indian in the battle of the year Like get India Pakistan Bangladesh in Country to score Jain unhygienic an advantage of the country and the New York Times it is not written article that drama.


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