Latest News Coronavirus outbreak – Do Indians have strong immunity?

Latest News Coronavirus outbreak - Do Indians have strong immunity?
Latest News Coronavirus outbreak - Do Indians have strong immunity?

Latest News Coronavirus outbreak – Do Indians have strong immunity? Welcome all of you, you know how our country is, already, who are positive Coronavirus which has crossed 50 and which is spreading fast day after day, which is finally spreading in our country. Latest News Coronavirus outbreak – Do Indians have strong immunity?

Latest News Coronavirus outbreak – Do Indians have strong immunity? Populations are Indians who are healthy people, they can get inside the immune system so that they can get rid of the Djokovic Nine virus? In order to understand how girls can recover, we will compare with those countries that have been affected by the recent Corona Virus. After all, there are people out there who are trying to figure out how to do it.

Comparing India with highly affected nations

For more updates you can call me on Instagram Facebook and twitter every PDF of the fair will be found on Facebook, then together you can join my telegram channel but all pdf will keep in mind that you are typing here, friends here if we have To compare our country’s population, it is the potential coronavirus.

where we have to compete for it with those countries that are very afflicted, then you see here this time from 6:00 The first thing we need to look at and compare is that of SAARC countries in the United Kingdom.which in Italy and China, These countries have had a lot of compassion virus and these factories have a higher mortality rate than their mortality rate.

If they already have a preheating health condition, such as a diabetes problem, kidney disease is very high, and cardiovascular disease is very high here, and the number of these things is high, then that population is the very high corona.

Due to Virus, Now India is the number one case in Nitish, what is the position of India to understand, the first But who do we have to go here, whom we call Disability Adjusted life years LYF can be very important from the examination point.

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You, so take care of it, I say this is where you were born and you are expected to live close to a hundred years. On the right side, you can live, you can live in it, but after that, I will rest in peace but you know that there is some disease in you, some diabetes has come and gone. ago.

Suppose you have a good life, then you don’t have a healthy life 60 years to 60 years to 80 years. The whole is the disability in 20 years of life, one year is 20 years, plus 20 sin karma, this is the total 40 years if you have robbed it then the number of years of health. If you Lost What We Call It Is Basic, Here Is The Disability Adjusted Life Years.

Now That Is In Delhi, This Is The Report Of Global Burden Of Disease 2017, If You See Here, Inside The Cardiovascular Disease Button, Here In India There is a situation with these six countries, you will see if it is not very good in India
According to the population, the healthy life that we have lost is about PORTA 17063. Look at it in China, it is more than six thousand, while the young man has this photo around 80 but as soon as it has become.

The UK Iran has become South Korea, the life of these countries is less than that of India, it means that all these countries are better off in this case. Birthday, but from the rest of the country, our performance is useless, but if we look at the case of Diabetes and Kidney Disease, you will still come in these countries, that means India Around 13340 early life is used, but if you see In the US, then their number is more than South Korea. Not much, but Italy is better than our Italy,

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Here we can say that after seeing all these cases that our position is not good, if this disease continues to grow very much, then it can affect us more Impact here I want to tell you about a report that the land report came It was seen here that about two-thirds of tow deaths have taken place inside Italy, where the money is already close to diabetes, cardiovascular disease if you are suffering from cancer If you are a Met Smoker, you can also affect yourself more effectively. The same thing has been studied in China, too.

It was found here by the Chinese Center for Disease Control that the maximum death has occurred for 60 years. Had fought hypertension care and had the vision to speak with diabetes, you can see clearly here that if you already have a disease then it is more in pack Can and Population to India in the case of free health condition has Olredi much higher Inpakted.

The answer is that what is a matter? You people will discuss Dada quite a lot. In special India, most cases have started to grow, which age bracket people are more effective due to the Poorna virus, whatever studies done here.

It is seen here that the Good Night here is the mean age of all the people who died inside Italy, you can see that in the case of coffee it is about 50 years There are more deaths from the same place, there are more people who were there, it is understandable that if your age is more than one level, then you can be affected much more due to Coronavirus which in India Is he young or old hai to where you can really see the through of this particular graph about a percent India population is about 65 years.

Meaning that if you compare here with other countries, the number of 65-year-olds in Italy is more than about 23%, 3 points five percent in the UK, 15% in the US, 15% in South Korea, 10% in 36 China. India is better in this case, meaning that the population we have here is younger, so it may not be such a big impact in India as compared to other countries.

Why your shirt will be better than your immune system, but let me tell you, while I was making this video, I also just got a notification wherein the BBC report it has been told that the World Health Organization has called that Young People who are thinking that they are invisible that they cannot delete this is completely wrong. Whatever I told you here Cite not mean that you may not be Definitely it does not get it that you can get away with it and because of it you quite a grandfather.

We all need to be cautious, now as soon as we go here in lakhs, I can tell you how much health care capacity within India at this time because it is so much here that it had thought that its health care Capacity is much better than the rest of the countries, it may be able to check it, but today you can see so much tuition that how the number of connected there continuously.

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coronavirus young people Or is it increasing sw1e here but at the hospital bed, the Tenth Population means that how many bags are available on every 10,000 people in India in hospitals, India comes on the lowest run with all these countries means India has only one in every ten thousand population 7 beds are available in the same Ram, see if the pin sits 29334 China photos in the US in the UK and 143 in South Korea means that here we are getting this clear indication that if I Dia.

If it continues to grow, the impact it will have on the rest of the countries within India, because the system that we have, how can it grow very fast, then it is very difficult to live and that is why it is being repeatedly spoken by the authorities.

To isolate yourself as much as possible, if you die in a very crowded area, then tell the same thing, a son of the Ministry of Health tells you here Scently told by him that the isolation bed within India is only 16, the number of quarantine bread is around 37, which means that if you tell from the book, every date for Indians has only one item label and the same quarantine. If I sit and talk, the time bed is available in the Thirty Six Indians, kept aside for it is not here, are you virus-positive or not?

It is not small but you can know but it means that there is a virus that has happened here, so when you get the number sitting here, then you can not see that the infrastructure is not much better here. And in view of this, the government has instructed here that all the public-private hospitals should increase the number of beds here.

Because how much is presently being seen in front of us, then final friends, we can say in the conclave that here I have talked about two things, one is the situation in India in the case of pre-existing diseases which are not good in India. Already a lot of population this colony has become cardiovascular disease because diabetes is already there, there is a big risk somewhere Due to which the coronavirus can be greatly affected by the Indian populace.


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