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Kundali Bhagya Hello, Welcome back to the Website kavithaiintamil.com am with you, your friend Ankita Prakash and you are watching what our dis-toil like where we make you get direct connection updates from the Chinese world. It has been how serial viewers are always being shown a lot of high voltage dramas, they are very much liked by the audience. So here you are going to see how Karan Luthra, Preeta Arora, Sexy Arora, the three have got together and here Karan Luthra and Preeta. Kundali Bhagya

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At the same time, you will see further that you have reached here in Myra’s room and from there, Rakhi and Gunday ask Grandma whether the owner of this year and any girl of your house got married to a girl. With Dadi Ignore and Babu will get to see all the other people.

Who are calling Kumkum Bhaag Marriage and Ko Man and keep cursing them a lot, but here they go too What he says in that no you guys are wrong yet married, his marriage is not broken and then Shaileen thinks that now Karan Luthra and Preeta Ki are going to get married here that Karan Luthra and Preeta are here If that is what has come forward and there is also a goon’s request here that there will be dance here and I have a function there

And the whole family as well as the co-workers are dancing and are demanding a lot and tries to open it, only then does the goon realize that something is happening there only from his side He does it and keeps him busy with something, but he is worried about Karan Luthra and Preeta who are coming close to each other, where he is also Sameer, now he can help Srishti Karan and Preeta. Karan Luthra Preeta Srishti Sameer is all about beating the goons fiercely and after all this drama is going to happen, there are going to battle here

And what police should come here before running away from the tail, because the police have been called and there will be plenty to come here, but many are closer to each other and Preeta and Karan together for a few days in the way everyone Had you saved your life, do the rest of the Luthra family still keep cursing these people from Arora to the stage and Kumkum Bhagya Marriage Hall or not, will it be suited to write on your body right now To see all this, we can see it by writing in our comment section.

a kundali bhagya serial
a kundali bhagya serial

Welcome to Ishani Videos Horoscope Bhagya’s fans are very angry with Make A and finally what is the reason for resentment here, keep on continuously pulling Joe to keep track of who gets too boring and there are many such topics.

2. kundali bhagya cast

Make-up and take the problem to a new level, are getting angry, the first and foremost reason is here, in the end, jealousy and the secret of the earth are not going to be named for 2 years. Dada episode of the same but Sherlyn and Preity’s secret is not open if you did not want to open today, pay attention to the trucks coming in first. At the end of Regnensi

What seems to have happened, I have forgotten all about Karan and Preeta’s marriage on the other hand, but finally, here the maker is dragging their love story too much, the horoscope is connected to fate, so we can not think All of you must have also noticed here that theft is drawn to one much longer and much longer as if it had been happening here for the last several months in Kumkum Bhagya but now Dhee You must have got to see it slowly and you all want here that it will end soon.

Now Karan and Preeta and after that one of Myra have come on you, not dragging it too much, we decided to do it very quickly. If you agree with me then you will like it. then share it everywhere where you can and give it to us so that we Interesting updates are always provided

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