What role Modiji played? Janta Curfew of Gujarat 1973 Latest News

What role Modiji played? Janta Curfew of Gujarat 1973 Lates News
What role Modiji played? Janta Curfew of Gujarat 1973 Lates News

Janta Curfew of Gujarat 1973 Latest News There is a lot of discussion about the Janata curfew across the country this time, Sunday, the public curfew has been imposed in our country here. For the first time in our country, has there been any history of this? After all, where did our Prime Minister come from? Janta Curfew of Gujarat 1973 Latest News

What the government is doing today is the first time that we have seen that the government has imposed curfew but where is this curfew? You look at the history of India, where you will find many forms of Protest, out of which you will get a form of Protest along with the Janata curfew here to let me tell you what it was. used against the British Raj before Independence,

How successful was Gujarat’s Janta Curfew?

This Janata curfew was used. I am giving you a book called Ahmedabad from Royal City to Mega City, which is the Janata curfew that was basically billed then the 9342 Quit India Movement for the first time to see such Janata curfew.

Founded and what is basic in this is the people who live in their homes and boycott against the government “and” they do not go there because the whole services are closed in the whole city, this is what is called Janata curfew here and whatever Santali says our prime minister has been here for the Janata curfew, and this is where you have the life of our prime minister when he was in the way, there were activists inside Gujarat in the 1970s, and then somewhere from there, you will find the idea. Where does one come from? I will tell you about a movement whose name is Navnirman Movements also called Navnirman Andolan.

If you look at three to 9747 five means that it is a reconstruction, Navnirman means to do things again, then what happened here is a light social-political movement, mostly students inside it. They have participated in and together with the middle-class people who have participated in it, it is the basic fact that economically this is the basic fact that Gujarat, it has seen that the prices have gotten and services have increased “the other hand”.

Janta Curfew of Gujarat 1973 Latest News 2020

there was a lot of corruption charges against the government, and then you got this underlying commerce that you will find inside our country where the price rises are very fast and such training is made against the government. Who is doing a lot of correction, this connection is very deadly.

You can see that the price rise here in 2012 is very high and the corrections and the corrections here are very high, so you will see such things often, then the movement is here. What happened in 1973 is that Ghanshyam Ojha was the Chief Minister of Gujarat and Chiman Bhai Patel was replaced by the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

In July 1973, he became the chief minister and in December this whole movement began. This was the idea with the combining corruption, and this is accomplished here, in the view of the people, who are adopting different methods like the Protest.

I also get to see Janata curfew here which means that people who live here often do not get out of their homes and it seems that people have imposed curfew here. If the whole movement was to be seen, it would have been a curfew, as many as 23 towns and cities have seen. All the shops here in Gujarat were closed.

There is no movement of transport on MP3 Yes, in this, let me tell you that the Prime Minister of our time, Narendra Modi was the pracharak of the time, ABVP, do you know that there is a post of a pracharak who delivers a Message here Going to different cities, they also participated in this perceptual movement, then somewhere I think it may be9747 Defines, the government here has to resign, meaning you will see There will be frequent movements of the people, but rarely will you see such a government giving registration to the government.

Congress was also the Prime Minister, so there was a lot of stuff that he would give Chiman Bhai Patel Resignation here, but ultimately the whole pressure buildup was public. Due to curfew and other mediums, 97304 When the Prime Minister was also involved, only once did the Maharashtra Gujarat Movement also run in the 95060, you know that before 1960 there used to be Mumbai State. Maharashtra and Gujarat were just a single state, before becoming private, when Murarji Desai was the Chief Minister of Mumbai, he said. Kacha should be in the area of ​​Gujarat for about a week-long. Before 1960, he was called by the name of Indulal Yagnik.

He called for a public curfew at that time. What Morarji Desai said against Desai that I will keep the handicapped pass to which Kach is here is not included in Gujarat.
Morarji Desai is, even here, I also have 2 samples that tell me that in 2013 or on West Bengal Inside you know Gorkhaland has been in demand for a long time and there is a demand for a separate state.

which is the whole area of ​​Darjeeling, then there is an organization called Hai Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, who did a basic curfew for 2 days here In 2013, and this is where the halt in Darjeeling came from, everything stopped, the necessary team that came to the rescue and the 2 days that the public had to face a lot of problems, so here you have some idea Where the public has ever come from, how is it going to be finally installed, plus If I Janpl to be able to tell in 2019 when K is removed from 370 who here.


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