India Fights Coronavirus How corporate India is helping tackle viruses

India Fights Coronavirus How corporate India is helping tackle viruses Today’s topic of Milk is our disconnect with the corporate sector ie private sector here, we will talk about Kaur Preet, how they are helping India. In filing this, we will know how much the private sector has to contribute and how much to contribute to the country and what to expect with Facebook. India Fights Coronavirus How corporate India is helping tackle viruses

they will be following their well and their homes. The Crisis of Time is not the only one in our country but the whole world and II always say a line when you feel like you can make a difference, so of course, you need to understand these crises”? Crisis together.

We can face them, let’s see what contact I am talking about today. “a government central”. bank WHO can only beat this coronavirus alone, the private sector will have its role as important, only then can we play coronavirus with their help in front of it.

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A. He is a business leader, he has given a lot of moral statements that will help him, but now is the time to show some practical auctions and become a company, he will talk about his India here. He has also shown where the talk will come. “Because” the Employment Crisis will also be created here. Does their biography use Public Hum?

“Who” needs this time is the society that is finally meeting the global Crisis.
There is a lot of work that the private sector can do to sanitize and make a lot of companies “came”. together so that it can help the citizens of the country.

This epidemic against the government. In fighting, as in Mahindra Paytm is doing Reliance Contribute Coronavirus here, we will learn about everything else but what the company has here is how they are helping the country. “Reliance Industries are”. a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries. This is a whole group of people who will be helping the industry to come together.

The biggest thing that Kovid-19 is going to do is help Reliance start a dedicated Kovid-19 hospital which will only see people suffering from Kovid-19. What’s more, his product detailing, how he will help India in this difficult time in its hospitals Thru and Jio platform bangles and justice preview of health care faculties LB, which is the Ambani Late Company to Emergency Service Wakeens, Mukesh Ambani Late Company will deliver a hospital in Reliance, which will be built in a short span of 2 weeks. HN Reliance Foundation Hospital is located here with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation and 1 Hundred Bed St. Which

Reliance Jio itself is a church diagnostic tool that is made available to people in Mumbai who have come to the rescue of the people in Mumbai. This is the next diagnostic tool of this kind and a non-live user if you have a Eutelicom Nikation Support Air that you can access if you have a Dell or something, what else Reliance has said. Make a million smart ones and a lot of protective equipment like doctors need a proper suit, headgear needs a garment. If you are looking for a health worker who works, you should have a look at how to cover yourself, then this type of garment is Reliance.

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The superannuated Mbps connectivity is also where the office will be from the closed tomorrow, wherever it can be reached, and any service charge that can be reached at this public down rate and double data will be provided through its vouchers in 4G Data and which you have non-voice calling minutes.

They also have no additional cost here, so you can do what you can to help private companies. Reliance Fund, which was not done in the past, is about 50000000 to 50000000 for the Maharashtra Chief Minister Relief Fund. Providing health care services to health care services and students who could not afford to study, which were educational platforms.

Netflix on Amazon Prime, Wright and Justice Reliance have also said that they will be looking at the 6-story ration stores around the country. We will try to find the best commodities for a long-term friend with essential commodities.

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You know that Mahindra, which is a group, is also the beginning of his full salary of 1 day so that he can set up a scandal which is here, he also announces that whatever cream of Mahindra there is, there is a ventilator This is a very serious condition that requires a ventilator and our country’s ventilator does not become short.

Mahindra is a holiday. He said that the Mahindra group is ready to make these resorts a temporary care facility. Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra, whose name is written in the beginning and the fund, is set up with his salary and here’s to a small business. reboot them.

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