How to Reach Kedarnath? Step by Step Explain With Details

How to Reach Kedarnath? Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes to Kedarnath consistently and offers his petitions at the sanctuary devoted to Lord Shiva. Kedarnath Dham is situated at the elevation of 11700 feet, in the Rudraprayag district of Garhwal Mandal in Uttarakhand state. How to Reach Kedarnath?

Question With Answer. (FAQs) How to Reach Kedarnath? Step by Step Explain With Details
1. Distance from Dehradun/ Haldwani 1:00 mins
2. Information on Heli service: 1:20 mins
3. Charges for helicopter: 1:50 mins
4. Sonprayag, Car Parking: 2:23 mins
5. The trekking starting point (Gaurikund): 3:53 mins
6. Horse ride charges: n 4:31 mins
7. Charges for Doli: 4:35 mins
8. Weather and Clothing: 5:51 mins
9. Trekking route facilities: 6:49 mins
10. Precautions before taking a horse ride: 7:51 mins
11. Accommodations (GMVN Tourist Rest House): 8:54 mins
12. Kedarnath temple night: 9:15 mins
13. Morning view/ temple visit: 10:11 mins
14. Stories on Kedarnath Ji: 10:53 mins
15. Bhimshila: 14:13 mins
16. Temple structure in the 19th century, before the 2013 disaster, after the disaster in 2013: 14:37 mins
17. Time to visit Kedarnath: 15:10 mins
18. Eating places in Kedarnath: 16:16 mins
19. Accommodation : 16:42 mins
20. Facilities in and around Kedarnath (According to district administration): 17:11 mins

Quick travel guide to Kedarnath

Doiwala, Ranipokhari, Rishikesh (Ram Jhula) Shivpuri, Devprayag, Kirtinagar, Rudraprayag, Agastya Muni Guptakashi, Sonprayag, Gaurikund. In the event that you need to begin an excursion from Haldwani in Uttarakhand to Gaurikund, the separation is 317 km.

how to reach kedarnath by helicopter
how to reach kedarnath by helicopter

Spots come in the course – Bhowali, Khairna, Ranikhet, Dwarahat, Chaukhutiya, Karnprayag, Rudraprayag, Agastya Muni, Guptkashi, Sonprayag, Gaurikund. Helicopter services are available from Gupkashi and Fata, Currently, 6 to 7 operators provide help services from Guptkashi & Fatal. in peak season – May, June, you are advised to book services in advance, bookings are available online to avoid wasting time, due to a large number of pilgrims, waiting time may be high in peak season.

Aside from the Haili administration, pioneers can finish the excursion of Kedarnath Ji by walking. Or mule, dolly By Palki or Kandi. Parking charges for a car in Son Prayag are 120 for the first 24 hours and then Rs 100 for the next 24 hours. Taxis are run in regular intervals from Son Prayag to Gauri Kund, rent of 4-5 km is Rs 20 per ride. Badly affected part by a natural disaster can be seen in Gauri Kund and other parts of Kedarnath.

Shri Kedarnath history

21. From Gaurikund 18 km trek usually takes 6-8 hours while walking.
22. Located in Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India.
23. In the video tour to Shri Kedarnath Dham
24. Shri Kedarnath: Travel Guide, history, route & more.
25. Know-How to reach Shri Kedarnath
26. Where to stay in Shri Kedarnath
27. Best time to visit Shri Kedarnath
28. Shri Kedarnath temple after 2018

A couple of shops, eateries, lodgings, on the pathway from Gaurikund, numerous explorers show up at Gaurikund on a principal day and start their excursion promptly toward the beginning of the day to Kedarnath and reach the Gauri Kund back in the evening.

how to reach kedarnath by helicopter from delhi
how to reach kedarnath by helicopter from delhi

To reach Kedarnath from Gaurikund, travelers can likewise utilize horse/donkey, Kandi, Doli, Palki, and so forth. Contact Rudraprayag district’s disaster management/ travel control team in case of any emergency or require any support : Toll-free: 1077, Ph. 01364-233727, Mob. 8958757335.

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