How to Pronounce Genre? 13 Words Difficult To Pronounce English

How to Pronounce Genre? Discover 13 of the most frequent pronunciation mistakes made by speakers of English for beginners. Don’t worry. If you don’t know any of the words a tool and for advanced students of English, see if you can count how many of these words you pronounce correctly. How to Pronounce Genre?

Question With Answer, How to English pronounce genre Lesson
How many can you say correctly?

1. Society
2. Honest
3. Cuisine
4. Language
5. Genre
6. Recipe
7. Answer
8. Jewelry
9. Calm
10. Bomb
11. Conquer
12. The
13. Money

Sophos web Society Society is difficult because it’s got these “twos”? sounds and the wheat at the stop society Society. Tough beginning what moving on honest.

Difficult To Pronounce English
Difficult To Pronounce English

Do you notice that I don’t say colonists there is “a good deal of hate” found in this world? I’m being honest with your students. Don’t worry. So never include an H sound. Really difficult Wild cuisine. This word cuisine You just have to learn the special pronunciation of this word. I admit “it is”? very difficult to work out how it sounds from the spelling.

Okay in this world again you go to you. Like a w sound language. Language So this G and you make a goat sound? also, very difficult what genre.

Would you like to find out about it?
14. Society pronunciation
15. Honest pronunciation
16. Cuisine pronunciation
17. Language pronunciation
18. Genre pronunciation
19. Recipe pronunciation
20. Answer pronunciation
21. Jewelry pronunciation
22. Calm pronunciation
23. Bomb pronunciation
24. Conquer pronunciation
25. The pronunciation
26. Money pronunciation

you’ve got a bit it’s with vibration genre like you find in the word pleasure. The first sound You’ll have to practice that at home. Awesome stress on the first syllable awesome Okay, next what jewelry note to special owl sound. Jewelry moving on. TomTom again a silent letter the L. We don’t pronounce it we say.

how to pronounce genre in english
how to pronounce genre in english

Tom and tranquil like this lesson
Rights, again the attack of the silent letter from the Lost B is a silent bomb in the same “as”‘. rock climbing. Baum e, and climb the bee is silent. We don’t pronounce “the aunt”. I’ll friend you again conquer as in conquering an army this cute and you make a cup sound conquer.

Which is quite strange, but you just have to again it’s something for your memory. The make sure that your tongue touches the back of your teeth and vibrates “to don”. say duck or only with the tongue touching the back of the teeth. Lost what very commonly used word right money.

Please a never say Mene, That’s not right, Money
So welcome these what who’s important right? “So”. those were the 13 what I’ll write them down below I’d be interested to hear how many of them, you know how to pronounce correctly and how many of them would just totally surprise.

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