How to activate jio sim? New Process 2020 Jio Sim Activation Digital KYC

How to activate jio sim? How Jio sim is turned on in 2020, which will go through the post, then go directly to Jio POS Plus and show you how Jio sim is activated. Clicking on the left side, Jio selects digital KYC here; Mobility has to be paid attention to it How to activate jio sim?

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1. Sim Activation Digital KYC
2. Take the front photo of the Aadhar card
3. Dial 1800-890-1977 from any number.
4. Call 1977 from your Jio SIM to complete the verification process

1. Sim Activation Digital KYC

how to activate jio sim in new mobile
how to activate jio sim in new mobile

Based on what promise not based resonance rs2 commercial will do Aadhaar, then Aadhaar identity card, we are showing here by doing the identity card in the Aadhaar card, you have to put the Aadhaar card number.

2. Take the front photo of the Aadhar card

Friends, you do not have to hurry carefully, if you do not want to reject your activation, you have to do the activation with friends and care and love. Let us lie down here. Here you have to take the front photo of the Aadhar card, whose friends are background white.

If you want a photo, then if you want a photo, it should be seen that it should be written completely clear, take that photo and use it to make this photo If we come here after that, then the net take the photo of the backside of the next bank Aadhaar card, click on the photo here and then you will use this photo, we will destroy the friends later. After destroying it, friends, after which you have to take a photo from the customer’s back camera, from where the background friends are white, where do they take the photo?

And after that, then we have to take the photo of the retailer, we will destroy it. After this, the photo of the retailer is to be taken with the front camera. We should not make any mistake if you mess up in the photo or there is a mistake and your Activation friends will be rejected, after that, we will destroy it, we do not know the missing friends, our process is not a bit longer, friends, you can easily do it if you Call Stuck see but was first taken to automatically name the customer and within his date of birth to do is mail us IDENTITY female set and Father’s name-based cards.

Cards Husband his it if I break the name of the husband, then here you have to give an alternate number which is with the customer, then take special care in the particular thing that the board has not burnt the number of live Jio, and then select the sand member and this You have to enter the home number, you see the rest, then I have to put the state name which is inserted inside the Aadhar card.

Entering you there is not a very tall man, friends, once you see it quickly, then you will understand easily, friends are watching the rest, you are full after that, destroy it and make no mistake once. Check there on select prepaid, friends, here you have to select the Prime Plus plan you want to give, I want to select 2 feet, 907 friends.

3. Dial 1800-890-1977 from any number

Select on Jamuna and whatever is your wish, which tells your customer plan, you have thought from there and have put it here, who has to make 12345 OK, then change the sim later, friends, you can scan it twice and see You can get the good number for the customer

Try to see the customer who can search Vasantdada 245 number from here, you will destroy the habit of Hafiz Yes or no, and it will become a net, now it is a matter of friends, click here and post it now. In friends, the customer who took the Alternate number will come on the OTP and in the non-running column, love the retailer’s number body, then do a little weight and that tip will come along is OTP friends with Yagi retailer who put you in a literal call to put agent OTP up.

On the retailer’s number, OTP friends who come within 10 to 20 seconds, then click here and click here to make OK or below you 5 points before leaving the last one of the vehicle inside 5 of Rustom’s last.

Do not make a mistake carefully, send the photo to OTP, then set it up and it will be a little cherished friend. When it is cleared, the back button of your mobile is giving you the medicine once and it will start to become famous in this way. That is, your activation process is being uploaded in the system at this time and it will proceed in this way.

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