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Heart of The Sea Minecraft Hey, what’s up, everybody? Welcome back. So the other day on my survival world. I came across this thing called The Heart of the sea and I had no idea what it was for one of the new features of the beta. We can explore the betta together, and we’ll figure out what would the heart of the sea thing does and what these new conduits are which are the newest addition to the beta’s in the Aquatic update a conduit right here. Heart of The Sea Minecraft

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But it doesn’t do much you just put it down and it’s that’s it. But that’s because it needs a specific structure to work its conduits are basically like beacons. I’m pretty sure it’s like an underwater Beacon that’s powered by and they give you think that help you survive underwater. This is how you craft him. You use the eight Nautilus shells around

Heart of the sea Minecraft explained

Heart of the sea and you get one. So today I’m going to try to get one myself see what it does and goes, it did and went over it with you guys excited. So I got to gear up first things first. I got some items here. We got to go try to get ourselves some of the Nautilus shells and in a heart of the sea, and now the way you get the Nautilus shells as you can fish for him so I can fish right here, but they’re more exciting way. I got to find some of the new drowned and I got […] I could see if […] I can find any that have the shell.

And I’m beginning with the old are we are in there? There’s one now. You need to get eight more, but we’re on our way. We’re on our way there. We got to find a shipwreck because I got a home how beautiful this is. Why don’t we go that looks like a shipwreck to me. Okay, so we can just hop down here. I got to try to find well at a chest so that I can get a treasure map and then maybe just maybe I’ll get the heart of the sea where is there no chest.

heart of the sea minecraft use
heart of the sea minecraft use

Know what is it? What’s go you got it. There’s got to be one in here. Yeah. There we go on a treasure map. Perfect. Okay, I’m close. I’m close if I got to go this way. So let me find this treasure and I’ll be right back. Alright, it should be right around here. Maybe a little off for this.

Yeah, right up in here at this grass patch or really close or right there. The all right time to drink if we take a pee and there we go. We got one The Heart of the sea also some other stuff. This is not a bad one at 3 music discs in survival hard to see you leave everything else and that means we’re ready to go. Let’s go make ourselves a conduit. All right, so we got all we need now, we can finally make ourselves a convoy.

We still there we are. Now. How do I get? First, we got to find our spot underwater here. Let me make sure no one’s going to kill me. We got a perfect area. So what you do, what you got to do is Velo. All right. Hold on did not mean to place that okay the pristine.

It is almost complete so what you do is you just build a square around it. It will be even one block in between the pristine and the conduit. It’s got to be filled with water though. So once that’s done just place your last block and we should there we go. Herself some power the heart of the sea is going to show up inside of the condom get all these cool effects and it gives you power as you can see in the right.

So the power of the conduit depends on how much you put around it. So you can put more and more pristine Rohit. Hey there buddy, as I was saying you can put more around it like this to increase the strength and I guess range of it. So just keep on building in it and you can keep just keep making it more powerful a full-frame is made up of 42 blocks. So if you could just keep going with this and build a full entire frame for Max

Heart of the sea Minecraft how to find?

Conduit power but we’ll leave it at that, for now, know what is the power so you can see it’s up there but what to do into me. Well, it gives me an underwater night vision. It also gives me water-breathing any can also allow me to break blocks even faster without having enchantment. So it’s

So the bigger the frame the better really in the range can get up to ninety-six blocks if you have a full-frame, which is pretty solid. So I got ahead and got rid of my other effects as you can tell. I just got the conduit power. So I want to show you guys the difference if I were to break the conduit by doing that it’s going to close and then I’m going to lose the abilities and I should ground fairly quickly. Once the thing goes away.

Is it going to go away and I break this the effects come back to life. I get the night vision and the water breathing and I’m just cooling and I Can Break Stuff faster now, it’s just the conduit now you might be asking well, it’s cool underwater. But can I build one above water?

heart of the sea minecraft breathing underwater
heart of the sea minecraft breathing underwater

Is it a short answer? Yes, it’s only doing this when in Creative but here we go. We got a conduit here. It’s all set up. This should be a proper structure but it’s not working cuz there’s no water. However, if I were to put water all around it and it doesn’t even have to be a full block. It can be flowing. This is better.

I should probably get rid of the Flowage here. Let me just try to block that. Uh, oh, it’s going to keep coming. I think I got a solution for this. So just put some glass around the edge and there we go. Yeah, we got in there but as you can tell I don’t have any effects and there’s a reason its cuz I’m not touching the water. So if I would have if I would go ahead and make myself a little water here. I should get the conduit effects.

Write any second now, do I have to be fully under do I got to be fully submerged? Oh, yeah, I do. Oh, that’s cool. But that’s not all folks. That’s all you can tell right when I get out. I’m going to lose the effects. There is a way around this and it’s it’s pretty cool. So if I were to use a command what’s going to happen, is it going to rain on top of me? And then I’ll be covered in water in the conduit should give me the effects. It should give it a second here and we can wait for this one out.

Yeah, nevermind. Okay, I guess I guess I was wrong. So it does not work in the rain. Alarm false alarm still needs to be in the water. So there’s no point. Not us all I had for today. Thank you for

heart of the sea minecraft 1.15.2
heart of the sea minecraft 1.15.2

Send it to me. I learned just as much as you did today is pretty cool. I might have to use this in my survival world. If you guys have any ideas on where to put it in and reasons to use it. Let me know. I’m excited though. I’m still a little bit of learning to do but I got the basics down. Thank you for watching it. I’ll have the Wikipedia thing not it’s a fake Wick. I don’t the Minecraft Wiki. I’ll have the Minecraft Wiki below so you can read more about it as it’s updated and changed but that’s all I got for today.

We’re taking a look at an item that shows up in Minecraft 1.13. But We’ve been asking what does this item? Do the heart of the sea? You probably already have one but you don’t know what it is used for. So all your questions will be answered in this video.

Minecraft Heart of the Sea EXPLAINED How to Get It and What It Can Do?

Joey, we are inside of Minecraft. And if you’re watching this video is probably cuz you already have a heart of the sea, but on the off-chance, you don’t yours how you get one around Minecraft, you will find these shipwrecks and inside of the shipwrecks are treasure chests side of treasure chests are buried treasure maps. So when you pull one of these out and look at it, you’ll notice that there’s an X on the treasure map and x marks the spot.

So you head towards that treasure map. You are the little white.
Right. Now, we’re off of the map screen. There we go. Now we just popped on and around here is where the treasure chest is. So what you would do is you would go digging for the buried treasure and you can get pretty close to where the x is. So it looks like it’s just right around here somewhere.

heart of the sea minecraft pe
heart of the sea minecraft pe

If you happen to be in survival, I would suggest having a shovel with efficiency 5 because efficiency 5 is going to make clearing away this and super-duper fat faster than even a creative mode in. There it is there is our buried treasure. So you open this up and it is guaranteed to have at least one heart of the sea.

So now that you have found all this other loot like Diamonds and some fish and some gold. I don’t know why Pirates who buried his treasure decided to leave cooked fish inside that seems like it’s just so bad. I just want to be good anymore of your heart of the sea, but the big question is what the heck? Okay, I got this thing that doesn’t do anything. I can’t wear it. Doesn’t you can’t place it on the ground or whatever. This is only used in another craft.

Recipe so you’re not going to be able to place on the ground and I going to be able to do anything with it until you can make the recipe and make the new thing. But to do that, you need another very rare item and that is Nautilus shells. This is what a nautilus shell looks like and these can be difficult to get you can also find them in Treasure Chest. They will also drop from drowning. I can see a drowned over here.

He’s at he’s floating down to the bottom here, but that they will drop them every once in a while and you can also get them from Trading with the wandering Trader which would be super difficult to find so don’t even bother the easiest way to get Nautilus shells are to set up an AFK fishing farm and you’ll get them as a treasure loot. So that’s the easiest way to get them. It’s just set up an AFK fishery. I have many videos about how to AFK fish do that for a few hours and hopefully

You’ll get enough Nautilus shells to create the next item that was going to be looking at. I don’t know why I want to keep it a secret but I feel like it’s suspenseful. So exciting. I need to find at least eight $8. She’ll 6 7 8 days ago. So I AFK fish for long enough you need to have at least eight of them.

And this is what the heart of the sea is used for a place in the middle of the crafting table around with around surrounded by the Nautilus shells and then you can make conduit. This is the only thing the heart of the sea is useful for is this one recipe. Why is this so important like that seems like an awful lot of work you got to do an AFK fish sure. You got to go find the buried treasure got to do all that just so you can make this conduit have another video explaining everything there is to know about the conduit but let’s just suffice it to say that the

heart of the sea minecraft explained
heart of the sea minecraft explained

It allows you to breathe underwater to see underwater for an infinite amount of time. As long as you are next to the conduit itself. Just a quick refresher. Go ahead and you need to build all of this out of any type of could be the dark. It could be the towel doesn’t matter. I’ll go ahead and put down one of them to start your base in start your conduit situation and you will need some blocks around it free go ahead and put down your conduit in the middle and break the block underneath.

That was just a temporary block. Now, you are going to create an ex of around this just like this and on that extra going to go up three and then over and create that same Little X right here. So as you can see, we’re kind of making a cage around this. So this is a Ubee five blocks total just three within that little thing or 1 2 3 4 5 and you can see as I’m placing them down once you hit a certain amount of blocks the

How do I activate and I have conduit power which you saw I was able to see better. And if I was in survival, I would be able to breathe underwater. So now we’re just going to complete the cell build like that. And so we have this nice cage all around it. Remember this is 83 wide or I guess 5 wide in total or just three with the empty spaces, right? They’re still not finished kind of in close at One More Level.

heart of the sea minecraft conduit
heart of the sea minecraft conduit

So right here in the middle, you’re just going to make a circle in a quote in an air quotes around the conduit there and there you got that is the most activated you can be the more pristine you have around in this configuration as you saw it started before we were finished but the more pristine you have around it and The Wider the ranges and if you already have access to pristine, it’s probably not that big of a deal to build this cage out so

That is what you would use your heart of the sea in can still see it’s in there. Then there was a weird creepy little eyeball. Also, I would not suggest you do this in Survival cuz that if you get in this area it cannot I could damage you and it will hurt other mobs as well have an entire about the conduit if you want to learn more and there you have it.

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