Four stages of coronavirus outbreak explained how to protect yourself?

Four stages of coronavirus outbreak explained how to protect yourself?
Four stages of coronavirus outbreak explained how to protect yourself?

Four stages of coronavirus outbreak explained You have more than 9000 deaths and the casualty is still growing. You need to be vigilant. Do not fear us daily. There is no need to dilute it, I want to tell you some things, but I had cleared all the friends about a month ago. Four stages of coronavirus outbreak explained

Four stages of coronavirus outbreak explained If this type of disease comes in India or the virus spreads, then there is such a sensation, then the first thing is found, “well-now”? a lot of people are running their shop and have become very expensive. Baba will see you on TV, do it, do it, do it, no coronavirus for no treatment, no vaccine has come, yes immunity can be kept healthy.

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At the same time, one or two friends, the first thing that is not spreading in the air or who knows, is a human to human transmission. “Well, if someone”. has coronavirus, then you should come in contact with it and then you will have a virus.

This virus is not caused by air. I am not swimming in your house, so there is no need to worry about it, it is for those people who are there for the sake of it. What the government has said is that the home has been told by our medical council ICMR that what the government is saying is that the public is saying that the public curfew should be up to 15 days from Mandatory Must Be Home Work home.

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Getting to work at home, then you have to go out, oh stay at home, keep washing your hands, keep cleaning. One more thing people are canceling is their online orders, I will talk about how long the virus is outside the body. “May is”? there any package you can take, feel free to take, you can tell, it can not belong, Purna Purna Bhai, what I said is fine and very important because I am also getting a lot of calls it or not to do it, do not engage me. Only one video in Clear All the Things.

Things have not been spread to China, he has spread the road to China, he has spread and all the Chinese “are”. not looking for a girl. Neither have they come to stage-4, so in Italy, more than 3:30 thousand deaths have taken place and there are so many corpses that it is difficult to bury then it is a big problem. The country is in advance of such a state that you don’t need to take “any country to find out”? virus.

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If you need to sit and partake because you have to reach another place in 24 hours, then their journey will become even better “and” they will end up being the most dangerous. I have a history of the entire population, I have done many such lessons in the factory, when the past we used to be bored, then in the past, the epidemics were also a big reason.

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If more populations were cleared than Shri, then it is very dangerous. What happens is Stage One Initial Stage of Virus is where the virus is from. This is where the virus comes from. If anyone talks about Poorna, then it happened in China. But people have gone to Impact Pune, and understand that these posts have not yet come to this country.

The people who have gone out there and the fact that they came from there, and how the translocation of the rain came here, the people who have gone, the people who have gone to China, the virus came in China and the people whom The virus is spreading. This is our low price transmission. The Coronavirus Left He is Doing With His Two People Affected By The Contact Of The People.

People must come from where the compassion is spreading rain, so this is our stage, you are now on some stage, stage 2, we have not yet gone to the stage and God forbid that the work should be done so low, There is a dangerous stage3 friend there. There are people out there who have no need for coronavirus from where they came from, like a human from China who has been repaired and returned.

The fact is that the whole community, the infection is now the most dangerous fast spread, and it is going to be 2 to 4, 2 to 4 will be 4 to 8 and very thick. This is the stage where the three and four of you are going to be very dangerous and you are spreading yourself too fast and this time they are the ones that need to be caught.


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