Does walking in a cab train or flight increase the risk of coronavirus?

Does walking in a cab train or flight increase the risk of coronavirus? Doing a cab trainer flight increase with the risk of getting infected with the coronavirus, after more than 4600 people died due to coronavirus virus.

Many people have a question about public transport services such as a train metro sharing taxi or an airplane that increases the risk of getting infected by this virus. Does walking in a cab train or flight increase the risk of coronavirus

Neither the research has ever been done, nor have the virus been spread, but other viruses like this one have been investigated for how “much new good”. virus-infected “people”. have come into contact with the air and their red. seats and often good. From some “places”? like a train handle.

If the whistle caps fall from the door opening handle, then the person can touch these places even if the person touches the mouth with his mouth several times in 1 hour. This includes nose and teeth scrape etc.

Fernand Dwar Thea reported in his report “those experts”? are still researching this new screen of viruses, “but it was believed “? that Coronaviruses remain alive for 9 days after falling, so wearing masks or hand repeatedly is recommended: “recommended washing”? your hands and then the body parts. One of the questions is how much more it is a walk on a Chinese flight is famous as dangerous.

According to the special correspondent Rachel Kerala, her report states that the information we have, the coronavirus does not stay in the air like the infectious elements that spread, If so, then you can get infected by the UK National Health System. 8 to 15 minutes for an infected person to stay within 2 meters of your stay The train was.

For example, those traveling in London’s underground train are more likely to suffer from breathing problems. The Institute of Global Health Sector Tells The Doctor About Lara Meat.

People who ride the metro every day are more likely to suffer from flu-like symptoms. She says that the special thing is that there are fewer train reaches and where more passengers ride the train, the more frequent causes of the outbreak of the disease, the more frequent causes of an outbreak of diseases “likes”? influenza, destination people. Given that this is a relatively low risk of this.

The doctor advises the friend to avoid it, and he has to keep a distance from suspiciously infected “people”. and things. The train is the most crowded and the people should choose the transport that they want to take to their home.

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