Coronavirus Relief Package 1 lakh 70 thousand Rupee of cash

Coronavirus Relief Package 1 lakh 70 thousand Rupee of cash Who knows how to turn off the virus, it is 1.5 lakhs slow and the total number of dates it has, it has been said that more than “22.000 doctors”. are still saying that country. Come heaven, there are many and unfortunate many dresses Boat “country wises”. you see, then you are loading Europe XI did not expect that there is so much talk in Europe, how will it go Total Jodx is in Italy. Coronavirus Relief Package 1 lakh 70 thousand Rupee of cash

It has reached the Seventh House and 50, the speed with which it appears that in Italy it is too early to overtake China. It will turn out to be the most common cause of noon in China, no one is aware of the official development that allowed us to grow, according to how about eight thousand in China.

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13 people are dead in France, Europe is struggling in today’s time and if you see in India, then gradually the cases are increasing from 1100 in Pakistan and about 700 cases in India. Do not think that our right is SS work. We have escaped from this, the news that is coming to India, it is indicating that many people will be in India now.

Lth has reported that 17 Indian states listen to The Pacific Hospital for Kovid-19 Patient from Scratch. Yes, the Scratch from the Complete Hospital will be the way Vahan was in China and the only Kovid-19 patient there. ” The rest of the patients is”. isolated from this process. Odisha “would be investigating”. in two hospitals, which will have the total capacity.

There is not so much population yet. Compare to Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh. Here, the specialist one thousand hospitals are being prepared for Kovid-19 patients and it will be ready in 15 days, then you should go where you think. If you are, I will tell you that whatever you see in the coming time, do not panic, BSA Country Bus Stand Together and this time will also be sold for 1 day.

The situation is very serious and the government has a serious situation with a compensation package of Rs. 170000 crores. The most important meeting is insurance, whoever is a health care worker today, who is a nurse paramedic hope work.

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Looking for the new year patient and those who will become our hospitals right now, the government has the insurance of ₹ 5000000 for each individual, who will treat these patients with a very good mouth. The Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Scheme, which focuses on insurance payments, is a total of 80 billion people, and the government has done more than two-thirds of the population here.

Additionally; I will tell you that the ration distribution card is added to the public distribution system, the rice-wheat which is allotted in its place. Apart from the celebration, extra people will get 5 kg of rice and wheat free. For 3 months, this is the 80 crore population of India.

The choice that they will be given “1 kg” then the government is saying that for the next 3 months we will be leaving the people who will not be starved, this is a very big statement, now people will still think that If the month is for 3 months, then it gives you some indication that we are going to be here, and this is a very important meeting, just to clear this thing.

National Food Security is a bowl of rice and wheat that is available at With a surprise rate of ₹ 3 and ₹ 2 kg in its edition, this rice and wheat will be available and whether or not our country has so much food grain available, yes we have so much rice. If our country is one million in our country, if you look at us, then 30.97 million turns in rice and 27.52 million wheat, if you believe this is a tax. Advisory.

If it is for two to three months, we have so much food that we will continue to feed our population, and people will not die of hunger, nor do we come, say the government on the farmers’ scheme.

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Nidhi scheme, in which the farmers of our country get ₹ 6000, then the government is saying that those who get this installment in 6 years 300 minutes, then the government will say that the first installment is 2000, we are The first week of April, however, you can say, eight million, 70 lakhs. If two farmers get money in their bank account, then they will be able to serve. Apart from this, the Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act means how much money people get every day.

It has been increased to ₹ 202, which is a slight difference. If you see this multiplying by 1 in several months, then many people will benefit from it. Now send these things that are not clear for the MNREGA scheme. Underage people will continue to work, their underage or not there are many sheds out there, this work is aloud somewhere.

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There is no aloud from the state if the news is coming in Madhya Pradesh. Social distancing is not just a massage but there is still a girl coming in that will continue to work under the scheme or there will be some break here, but Oberoi Jogi is an increase of 13 crores of families. All over the country individuals are not saying that the family will get a lot of benefits, apart from this, The government will put ₹ 1000 in the account of those two installments. Poor senior citizens mean above 6000 means they are above 68 and they fall in the category of poorer videos and DC.

Meaning that all these people are Jyoti Gyan people, they will get ₹ 1000 in their bank account in the coming 3 months in two installments. This will give some relief to three crore senior citizens videos and two disabled people. Apart from all this, watch the government here.

We are using Dhan account, nowadays, people who have Jan Dhan account with eighty percent of a debit card of rupees, so that means you can withdraw money from ATM if the government has not done that, 200000000 women who have Jan Dhan account. be put ₹ 500 in their account every month for the next 3 months so that we will get some relief. In addition to the celebration, the government has doubled the Kula toll-free loan to 2:20 lakh 46 13 lakh women. The money will reach the capital anyway.

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