Coronavirus flattened 56 logs so far – a significant measles report

Coronavirus flattened 56 logs so far - a significant measles report
Coronavirus flattened 56 logs so far - a significant measles report

Coronavirus flattened 56 logs So many 56 people have grown up in India, and there is growing havoc in India and the number of people in India has increased. The world, the world is shaken by the havoc of compassion. In India, too, there is a stir of compassion; The worldwide old virus has created a furor, starting from the city of Wuhan in China. Coronavirus flattened 56 logs

Coronavirus flattened 56 logs so far – the significant measles reports The epidemic has reached more than 90 countries in the world, with more than 100 people killed in compassion, with new cases getting older in India every day. 3 patients from Kerala have been cured earlier.

A total of 53 patients are undergoing treatment in India, and 56 more have been diagnosed with compassion in India. A total of 15 patients have been infected with the Kiran in compassion. Three people in Karnataka have been affected by compassion in Pune. Two people who have gone from Pune to Pune are infected with compassion.

The compassion in treating patients is unhealthy. The government is taking a number of steps to make sure people are aware of the scrutiny of thermos at the airport as well as the common people in the ringtones.

To defeat compassion, the central government and all state governments are gearing up, Iran is also filled with pity Sita Banjo sent to Iran with Master Plane medical team and 58 people brought to India by C-17 Globemaster plane, all these people under the supervision of medical team Awareness, the government is also ready to prevent and give better health benefits to all infected patients. If possible, then we are going to tell you what is important to you, and how important it is for you to understand India and how to protect them.

Coronavirus in India

Your littlest spread of coronavirus is spreading from China to the whole world, this deadly virus is so important to prepare for it. Although viral fever is common in all countries, it is difficult to identify if a person is suffering from coronavirus or not, but the National Institute of Biology for Kerala in India arranged a test of coronavirus at Kerala Pooja Medical College.

But before that, it is very important to know what symptoms of coronavirus, in fact, the identification of coronavirus is so difficult because the symptoms are similar to swine flu, people suffering from virus complaints of runny nose and fever, in addition, People who suffer from cold cough and sore throat * may suffer from severe headaches, breathing in trouble, their fever turns into pneumonia, and their clothes also get infected.

Which also causes kidney damage. Coronavirus spreads from one man to another in addition to animals, so there is a lot of caution and caution needed to protect us from this, we tell you what is needed to prevent the coronavirus and what is not. First of all, keep your hands clean, use soapy water and sanitizer for this, especially if you’ve had a good time, keep the mouth so that infection doesn’t happen. Avoid mixing anything; Avoid anything public places.

Pune: Cook food thoroughly, wash vegetables and fruits, eat well, eat cold well too. Avoid contact animals, keep cleanliness around you and do not spread dirt to your eyes. Dhoni immediately afterward applying hand nose A sick person with contact with Avoiding Rubia 1095 in public places contacts a doctor or the nearest hospital if symptoms of the disease are good.

If you are careful and cautious, then it is possible to avoid a great extent. If you have a problem with a hand sanitizer, it is important to know how to wash your hands properly. We will tell you exactly what dry hands need, so let’s know the answers to all these questions in our report.

Do Not Have To Be Anything. The easiest way to avoid the old virus is to get rid of the deadly virus. Small remedy to keep the blonde away from the corona. The most accurate way to keep the deadly virus from being scared is also to cry. Will Forgot Yourself, Will Save Others, Soap With Water With Washing Hands And Water Is The First Step That Can Save You From The Bar – Coronavirus Is Not A Blocked By Washing Hands.

If someone has a compassion virus, the virus gets in his throat. When he laughs, it’s not special, the virus gets into the air and he stays for a distance of 2 meters. Hour wind.

If one person crosses and another crosses, then he may breathe, then the virus can come in his throat which can cause infection, brother or protection, then close contact will only happen if you have another one. Of this virus, if you get a virus at the same time, then it stays there and if someone touches it, it will come to his hand and if he does not touch you, it will fall into the windpipe, you will feel that you are touching someone with a virus. You came to his hand, when he touched the door, he came to the door of the tip. Whenever the door is opened, it too comes into his hand and becomes the translucent tree, and it is also very important that we keep our hands clean.

Your most important thing is to fill your hands properly, but many people do not take it for granted that there is good carelessness, and that is why the infection spreads, and the growing stature of compassion in America’s Center for Disease Control Organization has also asked for more emphasis on hygiene, that first and most important way to protect oneself from any India is that people keep clean hands and try and keep your hands dry Puri many times a day and with a mask If you have a special beat, then you are no longer ashamed, you should wear a mask.

The factory should be cleaned with soft water or sanitizer containing 75% alcohol as the droplets that fall on the face of bacterial viruses.

For 9 days, it was only detected that the Survivor can do it, so that the head of the house or the space in your office where you work, wipe it with an of this tractor and wash hands. today. Stop shaking hands, Namaste which is our traditional Hindu unity Hindu, that is the son Namaste Abhishek.

Due to the compassion of the panic, the mother’s demand increased, so did its reduced availability. There is no need to panic, just keep that in mind, time to time, wash hands and do not touch the mouth. People who wear masks need to be especially careful that they – often with the risk of replicating mice. One thing to keep in mind while wearing meat. Addressing Moscow, our hands repeatedly touch the mouth.

This is more of a spreading infection than a rescue. There is no need to fear. In social media, however, Prime Minister Modi has advised people that he is misleading the news and taking the opinion of the doctor if necessary. All my countrymen are praying, please be careful. Whatever you think of your doctor, since Mr. advice all over the world.



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