Best Car Insurance Policy How to select Car Insurance?

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Best Car Insurance Policy with it -When we talk about the cap, let’s talk first, which is third party insurance as if we know that Indi Or, the insurance entry that is in the movement is necessary everyone has to take another wise person who is the police who is his person if he does not have insurance or expires, then we have a lot of people who leave the party Take insurance because it is very cheap.

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If you will fully inundate your car, you take insurance against the opposition, etc., then you will get about 24:25 ₹ 20 thousand of 26000 Do such but there is third party insurance is its price.

How to select Car Insurance?

Khushi 2425 10027 remains around it, so what is the use of it, so I want to tell you that if you have been an accident due to your mistake, then your vehicle got damaged and your vehicle in which your car collided also got damaged

If you need a medical assistant, then if you need medical assistance in third party insurance, if there is any cost or the damage done to your vehicle is fine. The cost of the insurance company that is not live for it will not give you any money, it is okay for him, yes the third person who you are driving with your vehicle is called a third party and whatever vehicle is damaged by him is okay.

You can do Kaleem if the person sitting in it lost his life or he needs any medical systems and whatever he spends is from the insurance company. What you can do, but you will not get any train for your own car, if you own a car, it is a third-person or if there is a third party in it, then it is a third person. Whoever is of damage or does not get any time for medical suspense, he has to do what he himself is.

Car insurance policy

So let’s talk about Zero Defect Zero Dep Insurance, 100 friends, this is the one that is better than most, the best is the answer. She is fully insured. Now anywhere from Mathura, your car calls plastic rubber and your job is metal. Everything is pure in short and in it What happens if your car is level if God does not have an accident then you have to pay an access fee which is up to ₹ 2000 maximum on 12 2015, then the accessories also answer what is the total after that.

Whatever happens, to be his bill, the company would do all the cashless way from the insurance company itself, if a bill of ₹ 400000 was made then it would be cashless
All the insurance and all that is available will be paid by the company, which is zero DEP insurance, the talk time is cashless.

If so, all that is done is done by the company and your car and the bike here are safe, which is safe. Number three is Comprehensive, Comprehensive insurance is the insurance in which the cost of a car’s mater or labor force is all the happiness part is included a lot but the glass of the car is fine or the bumper is something that is 50% or 50% of plastic part bike scooty gets its claim 100 If there is some damage on the body of the car, then there is a loss of part, then that is what you have done. Gaga but things are plastic

You will have to pay 50% on the class that will be made of rubber, bumper, etc. and 50% of what it does on the company, then what will be the best insurance for you right now, the first thing to talk about for new cars. If you do not, then you should get zero dep insurance cashless only in the first 5 years, what is the benefit of it?

First of all, if the vehicle of this benefit becomes more damaged then you will get the whole The first film is the one you get. Whatever is your insurance, you only have to pay for the access charges. The first thing is you renew it before it expires. Okay, so you have a discount of about 20%.

If you have your insurance, then you get it done before expiry, then you will give Etienne Thousand Twenty Discount. Apart from that, like I said that completely insurance is absolutely stress-free, you also need to pay money.

What is in my heart when your car has been gone for 5 years, after that, you will not get cashless insurance, you will not even have bumper insurance, so what happens from the Comprehensive that what they do is that if there will be some problem in that car When the accident happened.

then the post of that time is the cost of its metal, its recording is done on that which is fine and the rest of what I have told you 50 % Get on it. Number 3 was talking for a third party car. Never get third party insurance because your car is just escaping from it in one thing. One thing to say is now only surviving fire. If the mapping happens, you can claim it, but if you don’t see what is right, then I want to tell you that you have seen this thing. From the showroom you insurance Most of the time which is

It is expensive, it gets cheap from outside. It is okay and you are told this is cashless. You do not have to do anything. The bumper is a bumper. Your absolutely hundred percent of the person who is safe is the first thing, why is it from an expensive showroom?

Because the showroom has a commission of its own, one who is margined, and that most of the time is from 10 years to 30 percent. Okay, the first thing is that these shows Do you have the disadvantage of taking from where you have to do what you have on the extra pay.

that’s why they also give you a discount on the insurance on demand because if the sun is earning 30 percent then it becomes ₹ 30000 then you get ₹ 2000 If you give a discount then you will be very happy anyway. What is it? ₹ 4000 or less is coming. First thing, if you take it from outside, then you have to insist on this thing. Will have surrounded you green

third party car insurance online

He is giving the right Chairman of the company is the condition, he must read because the insurance agent who is there may be able to tell you something else and why you have got the insurance policy, you can do this for your cell and Even if this happens many times.

that is why if you take it from outside and compare it with the insurance of the company now, then see that if you are saving your money then you take it from outside Well, in other things, I want to tell you that what is the benefit of taking them from these showrooms first.

then it has become human, friends, if you take insurance from the showroom from the company and there is some typing with the singer, the accident has happened to the car. Pick up and park the bus there. They claim your insurance on their own. All you have to do is pay for the access charges. One to call their inspector You do all this work yourself, you just have to go to take delivery of the car later, but if you take it from outside, then there is a lot of running from outside, it is fine at times. It is not easy to run a lot. It is okay, so this is the benefit of taking from the company. First, the disadvantage of taking from the company is another thing which is becoming very cheating.

I want to tell you about the customer. I am sure that the insurance that you take and you are taking from the showroom, then a lot of the company which is provided with the roadside assistant is also in your insurance. What is roadside assistance if your car is on the road What would he do if you were spoiled while moving, the insurance companies would send the free of cost to his Toben, send it to Total that he would pick up your car and who would Maruti here i20 her in-service center that your company service center.

If you will make Honda E Bhojpur in the center, then what do you do here, when you are a noisy person, when you sell a car, it will charge you two thousand three thousand rupees an extra number of times, in which you will not have a sore throat, sorry.

There are charges for Roadside Assistant and people even laugh and say, OK brother if the car got cheated, there is nothing to help us but friends book So you have thrown in insurance for lying in it, so I tell you once again that when you read the policy on insurance term and condition so that you know what is going on in your insurance.

And more, if you are damaged by someone else with the insurance of the link road car, then she also does it in the company, which was in the left party, then leave the part. No facility found that not release medical assistance to your car.

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