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Ben Shapiro Twitter How do you say anything? Hey Ben, big fan you talk a lot about cultural values in a little bit about The Stereotype of the wealthy Jew. Is there one cultural value in Judaism / culture that you would point to as a cause, you know if I read this question with a different tone, it could sound at the somatic. But are I think he’s actually saying is there what’s the reason to believe that Jews tend to be successful at Jews have always had an extraordinarily high focus on education in literacy rate in the Jewish Community back in ancient times. No 100% for men and women. Ben Shapiro Twitter

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I sell juice have always been very into the study which is why we have giant sets of Talmud that sit on our shelves. And so the focus on education literacy was always a big Focus for people coming to the United States for the immigrants coming to the United States Jewish immigrants coming here Focus really heavily on gets educated make something of yourself and if you folks and adenine just unique to Jews running. This is Trooper Thomas Malthus Theory and basically says that.

For middlemen in any civilization are the people going to rise to the top because they’re not benefiting from the home ground of being Natives, and they’re doing all the transaction work? So that means that they have their “own sorts of in-group” where they can negotiate one though.

So they’d sell a diamond Merchant. For example, they don’t need to contract then cut out the middleman cost low and I can do all that way. But also because they don’t have that ground they have to eat there.

They’re forced to use the system as best they which usually means playing by the rules of the system in the most efficient possible way until you see that with a lot of Korean immigrants, for example, will come to the United States and then education is all they care about is just to get at your head and rise in the system and cultures have focused on education do well in a story.

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