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Avengers Age of Ultron Finally, The Avengers Age of Ultron trailer has arrived and it’s a little bit of an interesting story my Daisy I went to the second screening of John Wick. I love that movie so much see when it came out, but I left the theater My notifications were exploding with everyone telling me the trailer leaked online didn’t even seem like it was half an hour later and Marvel was like screw it. We’re just going to officially trailer. Avengers Age of Ultron

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I got a lot more out of this trailer that I was expecting. I was expecting a few lined and maybe a big a and maybe like one shot of Ultron. I got some good shit. The trailer does explore a little bit of the plot and hints at some of the awesomeness.

We’re going to receive next May. Of course, it’s awesome to see the Hulkbuster armor going up against Hulk in this trailer that’s going to be in this movie. I’m in do you have any idea how many people are crying that happens? I mean, I’m going to be crying. I don’t know if I can contain myself and all I see like I love movies like the enemy and Under the Skin everything, but I do like to see some Hulk pungent thing.

Avengers Age of Ultron Teaser Trailer Review

I’m wearing an ET Pokemon crossover shirt. What do you think? I am but I got to say the thing that I am most impressed with in his trailer is a thing that I was most skeptical about in that is James Spider as Ultron. It’s not that I don’t respect him as an actor because I do he’s very talented. It just seems like an odd choice, but I started to tell myself that so many of these choices have kicked the ass in comic book movies like Robert Downey jr. Heath Ledger Michael Keaton.

avengers age of ultron full movie, trailer
avengers age of ultron full movie, trailer

These choices have gone on to be amazing in their roles and even Ben Affect, is looking like he’s going to knock it out of the park in Batman v Superman after seeing this trailer and after seeing the CGI implemented with practical effects and James Spader’s voice. I do not doubt that he is going to be incredible as Ultron Ultron is going to be settled down Minard worries and Mansard knit picks and I don’t have anymore, and they’re Racing for the trailer is just epic James Spider,s voice. I mean great casting and I

Yeah, I was worried about it. But it just seems like it’s going to work and the last shot that GIF, the GIF Ultron speaking is something very important because robot, you know, Loki is such a good villain, and he has so much Humanity to his character in there so much emotion that Tom Huddlestone was able to portray for that character. So I was worried about a robot playing the villain in the second one like how much connection can be really happy with this guy and then you start thinking about characters like Darth Vader you don’t even see his mouth move.

It is all James Earl Jones’s incredibly awesome voice and just One Shot 2 CGI animators James Bay voice in the direction was able to sell the idea of Menace from a robot character. I’m in I am in I cannot wait to see Avengers Age of Ultron next May it looks great the special effects, even though they’re not finished already look amazing. The trailer seemed to hint that there was going to be a more dark beat down on some of these characters that we’ve grown to love which I am pumped for because I love the Avengers.

That this film won’t ever be as exciting as the first one because there’s nothing that will beat the first time you see all these guys come together with me the performance is really strong but I didn’t feel like it elevated their characters to another. I mean, the only one I could see out of the four main Avengers who is different after the outcome of this will probably be Tony Stark cuz he’s the idiot who helped put together Ultron.

Can I ask about your personal life, but you fuck up everyone else’s I felt like most of the characters didn’t have their chance to shine unless there was like an action scene. The action scenes are fucking great, but I didn’t feel like the characters that sell beer going to shine in a lot of the actual dialogue-driven seems more dramatic still humor here and there but for the most part, it’s very serious and much darker like how most sequels like to do it and honestly, I feel

Watch Online Avengers Age of Ultron Full Movies

Good, but I didn’t feel a lot of the drama and I have times I was honestly kind of bored this plot is not exactly the most original thing ever. Helping create wants to wipe out the world. Yeah, we’ve seen that done before billion times to put in the first Avengers not going to keep them for the first of these dudes that worried people are like is Loki technically a God has some characteristics to get a chance to show more of his emotional side see more of his actual character. He helped sustain that sense of humor and he was still badass. I like it with a give a black widow. You get to see a much more sensitive side of her ass of Scarlett Johansson.

avengers age of ultron in hindiavengers age of ultron audience reaction
avengers age of ultron in hindiavengers age of ultron audience reaction

Tampa to new main characters Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Quicksilver, I liked him and I couldn’t help myself and be like, I like the one more in Days of Future Past, but for this particular story this Quicksilver is better and all you fuckers like her powers. I like how they use them the character. I thought was written better than the actual performance was. I’ll need to take a second look at it.

I was mainly distracted by how fake her accent sound of it does not sound Realty and I wish they didn’t give away that he is in this movie. They show me the trailer of a release. The movie clip was awesome at one point Vision had a moment just a character. That was so great you guys by now I’m talking about you seen it where everyone in the audience was like it is in terms of Bruce Banner the Hulk not much different.

What the way how they ended his character in this movie and may be interested. Like I would like to see a standalone Hulk movie that takes place after Age of Ultron and stars Mark Ruffalo because I will be interested to see where solo Journey takes him now and there were times where was like definitely choppy sometimes is the voice of Ultron. I think you did motion-capture don’t quote me on that.

I don’t know but I like it wasn’t a typical day. I felt like the Avengers were ever going to lose. I still found him to be pretty scary movies. I would say Captain America Winter Soldier is still my favorite one at the end of the day when you get all these what you’re going to want is some cool superhero fight scenes and be really fucking fun. And those were the best parts of the Age of Ultron like with the Avengers. Some of my favorite scenes are actually just interaction.

avengers age of ultron full movie in hindi
avengers age of ultron full movie in hindi

In this movie, the interaction wasn’t as appealing to me. I’m still good, but it just wasn’t that strong for me. I mean don’t get me wrong the first that movie had great action scenes, but I thought they even improved this time around their beautifully shot. The characters really get a show off even more of their powers. They work really well together.

And there’s a lot of action is a lot of action on this phone. So I know I was a little nitpicky here and there and there were some things that I really didn’t like but as I said, it’s really about is this entertaining is he actually going to rock? I’m not the most Comic Book Savvy as most of you guys are probably noticed but in terms of the stuff film that I was watching the action was there’s plenty of it and I always found a really cool to watch that Hulkbuster vs. Hulk scene.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I got to go take care of one of my neighbors how much the first Avengers but does it live up to be in a summer blockbuster? That is really entertaining. I definitely want to hear Avengers Age of Ultron.

painting labor I will be doing a spoiler review of Age of Ultron keeps a lookout for that my opinion sometimes changes. This is my first impression of the movie. So if you watch the spoiler my opinion might actually be different at that time or videos are out on this button on my dick.

Avengers Age of Ultron movie first look

I love the smell of Age of Ultron trailers in the afternoon because that’s when I wake up because I’m a really lazy bastard. Trailer, I love this trailer II trailer. I like to know but I feel like that’s the trailer. We didn’t need those like filler trailer with that trailer. So the third president actually going to kick ass trailer starts out Ultron in his James Spader voice glories.

avengers age of ultron trailer
avengers age of ultron trailer

Like I was created to save the world starts. Like I created this guy to put a suit of armor around the earth and the exact opposite like yeah, you failed miserably people lookup with this guy and I think I’ll take that from him Ultron’s on his throne. He’s talking to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Museum like I told you I was going to show you something beautiful.

Isn’t that share beautiful? But actually, it is completely out of his fucking hard drive a silver cap throws his shield and goes right into Ultron shoulder knee rips it out and throw it on the ground. So once he was like, I look like Wolverine claws. What’s the Wolverine make it look like Wolverine claws people got so excited about Spider-Man. Let’s give them Wolverine ish remind me of Hulk Ultimate Destruction of the I remember that game. It looks just like America Glory. I got no plans tomorrow night.

Detach it had like Johnny Cage fatality. Stop music on drones come out of nowhere you like in your all sprayer there like a back to back. Tenenbaum Age of Ultron title comes up you like that was cool. But you got to wait until the very end of last shot shows this dude open up in your life that floating guy in the poster.

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Some people have acted like who the hell is that? That is Vision Focus Vision as it arrives going to be Jarvis in this when I believe that’s what I heard this information changes all the time from what I understand and its Vision was worried is that these trailers are going to show us too much ultimately you look at this trailer.

Like I don’t know anything. I didn’t already know we knew the Age of Ultron was Ultron created me to become self-aware. He’s as big an iRobot. He tries to wipe out the Avengers and wipe out the Earth trailer spoiler have.

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