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Amouranth Instagram Hello friends welcome, today we will talk about Kanika Kapoor in Lucknow. Kanika Kapoor was married to a Business class Khatri family of Lucknow. Tanika is a famous Indian playback singer known for Bollywood, including baby dolls and chitties. Kalyan is also included. Apart from this, his family is quite large. Amouranth Instagram

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His family has included about 800 members who live in Lucknow. The name is Rajeev Kubool who is a third-generation member in his family’s business field that mother’s name is also an elder brother who is named, then he is taking charge of his company in London. he talks about his education qualification then he Who is your studies.

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Apart from Gate College Lucknow, he did BA and MA in Music from Hath Khande Singlet, Sansthan, Lucknow. He practiced music with his uncle on Sundays as a child and after this Kanika had converted her 11 into a studio where the song She used to sing and record as she started learning music at an age when she was 11, so she got a chance to sing in All India Radio. Anoop Jalota was saved by her father.

Anoop Jalota is the song that took Kanika Kapoor to the Bollywood world at the age of 16 to drive away from her father Rajiv Kapoor, who helped Kanika get a 3-year contract with Universal Polygram in Mumbai. Kanika Kapoor made an album with Lalit Sen while living in the city, but for some reason, the album was never released.

You had never decided to get married in your life, but when you met Raat Chandok at your cousin’s wedding in Khajuraho, he fell in love with Raat Chandok and after that, he married Doctor Alok at the age of 18 And Nandini quit singing songs with her because her husband used to forbid her from singing so that Kanika felt very bad, but she could not do anything, since childhood. She was known to great heights in the world of song.

She spent almost 15 years happily laughing with her husband financially and in the meantime her two girls are her name Aaye Naa Hamara Hai and a boy named Raj followed by Kanika and her Her husband started getting upset due to this, due to which she divorced her husband in 2012, after divorcing, Kanika runs away with her children.

Her children were not able to adjust to the Indian environment due to which he used to get sick again and again, Kanika again returned to the latter’s song after friends, returned to the music world, and released her song Jugni Ji in the year 2012.

This Pakistani Sufi song Alka Remix which became very popular with people was sung by Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi in the third season of Coke Studio Pakistan Kanika Kapu Also sang curry Punjabi songs but they still have a lot of difficulty speaking the Punjabi language. Friends, Kanika Kapoor promotes her studies as a singer and the art of textile decorating, so she also opened her fashion brand Kanika Kapoor House of Chikankari. Kanika Kapoor wakes up to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to the UK in 2015.

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